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Vogue España

Check out this cool video my friend Melissa edited for Vogue España. I dig that there is no music at all.

\\EDIT – Click the image to view the video on Vimeo.

First Exit To Brooklyn

My friend Erik recently started a new music blog called First Exit to Brooklyn where he posts a song a day 5 days a week to share his love for music with friends and strangers alike. Here’s what he has to say about it.

i’ve loved music for as long as I can remember…so many memories associated with sitting in the back of my parents car, 70’s fm radio playing, my transistor radio, buying a new 45 rpm, watching mtv, going to shows, exchanging mix tapes, going out to bars or clubs, on to mix cds, and currently enjoyed with my mp3 player on random. there’s something about the single; be it popular with the masses, a college radio hit or a deep track. a lot of the appeal, to me, has to do with not knowing what’s coming next. don’t get me wrong, i love to listen to albums straight through as well, but i tend to do that when i am more focused in, and can give the experience more of my attention. it’s just simpler with a single, i can multi-task and still enjoy the music. it can be the hook, the beat, the riff, the baseline, or the chorus, in most cases it’s the combination of all of them coming together that reels me in. over the course of my life, i’ve come to love many songs in many different genres. some of them i’ve enjoyed since i was a child, some were around during my teen years, so many of my memories involve music and I still look forward to discovering music (new and old) every day. that is what I would like to share here…my love for these songs.

Go check it out and listen to some tunes and be inspired. If you’re a Tumblr user (and who isn’t these days?) follow the dude.

Arian’s “Atmospheres” featured in Juxtapoz Magazine Online

I’m sure you all remember the ink drop videos I posted a while back. Well, just a few days ago the mastermind behind the project, Arian Camilleri, was featured in Juxtapoz magazine. Pretty cool bit of press, I think. Here’s what they say about the project.

Arian Camilleri is a Brooklyn based photographer who aims to address and explore the concepts of creation and infinity in his photographs. Expanding and collapsing in an almost infinitely hypnotic manner, his new series is mesmerizing.

The fluid seems to rush towards you, then almost off the page; the unknown substances are perplexing and exciting. This is free movement captured.

The ethereal quality of these images could land one’s mind anywhere from underwater to a landscape horizon, and even outer space. Like cloud formations in the sky, the choice and destination is ever-changing, left to the viewer to decide.

You can check out the whole article here: Infinite Collapse as Explored by Arian Camilleri

Here’s Arian’s fine art site: Arian Camilleri

Click the link. Check the site.

A Gazpacho Adventure

Quite a few people have recommended gazpacho to me over the last week or so as something I could easily eat with my compromised throat. And if you’re anything at all like me (and undoubtedly you are since I created you in my image), you can’t hear the word “gazpacho” without thinking of this:

[flv height=”420″][/flv]

Hell, here’s the whole episode because I love you all. (Right-click, Save As… to download) At least until someone tells me to take it down. Go back to Russia!

I’ve never eaten gazpacho before. Honestly, looking through recipes it seems like pureed salsa. As much as I love salsa, I’ve never wanted to take huge spoonfuls of it down my throat. But, you know what? Fuck it. Might as well try it, right?

I found a recipe on Tastespotting that seems pretty good and basic. Not difficult. No real cooking. Just chopping which is easy peasy. As a bonus, the ingredients were so lovely that I felt compelled to take a photo.

And here they all are just a few minutes later ready to be blended.

In go the onions and garlic first!

Yum! Mush!

Here goes the rest! I had to do it in two batches since my blender isn’t quite large enough to get it all. But that’s ok!

Here it is, in all its puke-looking glory ready to be stored overnight as per the instructions. Tomorrow I will let you know just how delicious it really is.

Cooking is fun!

Los Rakas’ “Abrazame”

My friend Deegan for being such a die-hard metal dude, sure does mix a lot of non-metal stuff. Like this for example. What would you call this? I don’t even know. I also can’t tell if these guys are good at what they are doing. It’s just so far out of my realm of understanding that analysis is impossible. It’s like asking a person who’s been blind his whole life to describe the difference between red and magenta. Impossible.

Anyway, check this video out. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I have, but maybe not. Regardless, support my homie and listen to his hard work. And then pay him to do some mixing for you. His son needs to eat.


The Freshmen’s “Hello There”

Not my style exactly, but mixed by my dear friend Deegan, so check this shit HARD with the hurry-upness.

Meet my friend Tessie, who I hope to be able to address as my Tony Award Winning friend Tessie soon.

This is my friend Tessie.

Tessie and I went to high school together in California and reconnected a couple years ago here in New York when we discovered we both lived and worked here. She is a costume designer working on Broadway in various musicals and theatrical productions. She works hard and has done well for herself. I am constantly impressed. Currently she’s working on a show called Lend Me A Tenor. Sweet pun.

So, upon hearing of her Tony Nomination this morning, I felt tremendous pride in my friend. For those of you who don’t know what the Tony Awards are—and, really, what the hell?—they are the theatre’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. It’s a big deal to be nominated for a Tony Award.

Here’s a screencap of the nomination.

See her show there? I know you do. So do I. Great, right?

The awards aren’t until June, so we’ll all have to wait until we find out that they won for Best Costume Design. Not “if”, mind you. That.

Good job, Tessie!

Phinizy & Phebe, the best fucking goat ice cream I’ve ever fucking tasted in my fucking life.

Yesterday, Sunday, my friend Jess and I went down to Park Slope to the Lyceum Arts & Crafts fair because my other friend Jess, a former Whole Foods conspirator and designer extraordinaire, and her ladyfriend Crista have started a handmade boutique ice cream company right here in our fair Brooklyn. And though I was hungover and crunchy from a couple of heavy nights on the town and really in absolutely no shape to be out of the house much less eating ice cream, I must say that their creations are amazing. They did a little sampling for us of six flavors: Ginger cookie, Goat cheese caramel, Coconut Key Lime, Banana Pudding, a fifth one, and the last one. You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering all the flavors. There was one of them that had chocolate and the other that for the life of me I cannot recall. It’s not that they were bad—they weren’t—it’s that I was officially fucking r-tarded that morning. Well, afternoon.


Luckily for you folks, I remember the one that I thought was the most interesting: the goat cheese caramel ice cream. It features goat from two directions, the more obvious goat cheese in the ice cream but also goat’s milk caramel. Up front you got the sweetness of cream and caramel, but at the backend was that tart goatyness that I like so much about goat cheese. It was weird, it was refreshing, but most importantly it was different. I don’t know of anyone else who makes goat cheese ice cream, so I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s unique too. And to think, my mind was blown the first time I ate spicy ice cream. God, how utterly pedestrian of me!

I’m not sure when they’ll be serving again, as their website is a little sparse right now. No doubt Jess is working on some magnificent thing that will blow all our minds once unveiled. Check them out here:

Until the site has more info, might I also suggest you become a fan of theirs on Facebook? Do it. And send them some money already.