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A Gazpacho Adventure

Quite a few people have recommended gazpacho to me over the last week or so as something I could easily eat with my compromised throat. And if you’re anything at all like me (and undoubtedly you are since I created you in my image), you can’t hear the word “gazpacho” without thinking of this:

[flv height=”420″][/flv]

Hell, here’s the whole episode because I love you all. (Right-click, Save As… to download) At least until someone tells me to take it down. Go back to Russia!

I’ve never eaten gazpacho before. Honestly, looking through recipes it seems like pureed salsa. As much as I love salsa, I’ve never wanted to take huge spoonfuls of it down my throat. But, you know what? Fuck it. Might as well try it, right?

I found a recipe on Tastespotting that seems pretty good and basic. Not difficult. No real cooking. Just chopping which is easy peasy. As a bonus, the ingredients were so lovely that I felt compelled to take a photo.

And here they all are just a few minutes later ready to be blended.

In go the onions and garlic first!

Yum! Mush!

Here goes the rest! I had to do it in two batches since my blender isn’t quite large enough to get it all. But that’s ok!

Here it is, in all its puke-looking glory ready to be stored overnight as per the instructions. Tomorrow I will let you know just how delicious it really is.

Cooking is fun!