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Posts tagged as “Awesome”

Ihsahn’s Eremita full stream

Click the image for the stream.

So, does Ihsahn’s newest proggy, post-black-metal release sound anything at all like Metallica or Daughtry? Of course the fuck not.

Is it way more awesome than that specious comparison would suggest? Absolutely.

Should you be listening to it right now? Yes. Yes, you should.

Ihsahn (ex-Emperor) is getting spacier and spacier with each release, and I couldn’t be happier with the progression. The man who singlehandedly convinced me that brass instruments could be used effectively in metal (sorry, Gwar), a thing I considered impossible, seems to be able to do now wrong. Eremita is markedly less heavy that 2010’s After, but there’s no doubt this is a metal record. It is one of my most anticipated releases for this year next to Gojira’s forthcoming album.

Stand out tracks for me so far are “The Paranoid” (with Devin Tonswend!) and “The Eagle and The Snake,” the latter of which is particularly huge. Check the sax in that one.

I’ve also found that the whole thing is on Spotify, so if that’s your jam, check it out there.

Rhapsody’s “Dark Fate of Atlantis”

Happy motherfucking power metal Friday! Wait, is that a thing now? Power metal Friday? It should be. So, I guess, it is now. Fuck it, why not, right?

To celebrate our very first power metal Friday, here’s Rhapsody’s new video from their forthcoming album Ascending to Infinity. I am not even sure which Rhapsody this is, since at some point the band split in two and they both call themselves the same thing which is really weird and annoying, but it means that we get twice as much Italian, dragon-infused power metal and no one can be mad at that. No one.

The main take away from this video, for me, is that Rhapsody’s production values have certainly improved since the video for “Holy Thunderforce”. Also, “Holy Thunderforce” is a fucking rad name. I don’t like the new singer as much as the last dude, but he works.

Anyway, power metal. Do it. Love it. It is all for you.

Cattle Decapitation’s “Kingdom of Tyrants: The Extended Minifilm Version”

Holy living fuck, this is awesome. I know the other day I was all, “It’s going to be slow here,” but how could I not share this? This is fucking amazing.

Sure, the opening drags on a little, but I think it sets the stage for the second half of the video nicely. And if you don’t have 9 minutes for Cattle Decapitation, what do you have 9 minutes for? Probably nothing. I really like the distorted video superimposition on the live footage they repurposed for this video. It all blends so seamlessly you’d never know it wasn’t shot together. And the bloodwall/screaming/eyeballs editorial crescendo at 8:21ish? So good.

Le Le’s “No”

Le Le, are you going to take the honor of being hottest track of Summer 2012 after your massive success being hottest track of Summer 2010???

Were you also decent enough to give us the track in Dutch, echoing Kraftwerk’s tendency to release both German AND English versions of their songs???? YOU WERE.

Could I love Le Le any more? I have high hopes for their next album. I still listen to Flage on the regular. Watch this dang music video and get real pumped.