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Nader Sadek “Living Flesh” concert

Last year I cut this concert film for my friend Nader and today I see the whole thing is on Youtube. Who knows if it is supposed to be, but it is.

Check it out. It rules.

Kvelertak’s “MÃ¥nelyst”

Back with some more death n’ roll, Kvelertak’s new video for “MÃ¥nelyst” is an homage to all the schlocky horror tropes that we as metalheads hold so dear to our hearts. And that’s the thing about metal which people who don’t like metal usually don’t understand. We don’t get into extreme metal because we are gore-obsessed sociopaths, but because we are horror-movie-loving geeks who find the same escape in our music as we find in our movie selection. Horror and metal go hand-in-hand, always have, always will.

Kvelertak are playing on that in this video with allusions to all sorts of classic horror movies. You’ve got vampires! You’ve got gimps! You’ve got bloodied tools! You’ve got monsters in the woods! You’ve got blood and darkness and death and gore and it works so magically I want to hug it and whisper nice things in its ear.

Amon Tobin’s “4 Ton Mantis”

I might have listened to this album about 100 million times in college. It was (and is) perfect music for writing: lyricless, not too obtrusive, but still forward enough to block out other sounds, distractions, and thoughts. And the video is amazing. Stylish. Fitting. Unique (and I don’t use that word lightly). I seem to recall having a tiny 320×240 quicktime of it on an old 18gb hard drive. Ah, halcyon days.

Is this the finest cinematic moment of all time?

Or is it this?

Thank you, Aaron, Lord of the Bunchies, for making my day brighter with the second clip.

Neurosis’ “Locust Star”

I love any song that waits 1:17 to kick you in the teeth.

I don’t like the new Neurosis record much, but we’ll always have Enemy of the Sun and Through Silver In Blood.

It’s Christmas music season again!

Which means it’s time for The Black Laser’s annual post of the best Christmas song ever performed: Joseph Spence’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Though some have argued it should be titled “Sanny Corr is Cunninghhh Huuhnnnn”, I prefer the original title.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ “Your Love”

I’ve been listening to this new Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs record for a while and it’s pretty good. It’s not blowing my mind, but it is a solid piece of work. However, I think this video is magnificent. Really. I love it. I wish I had made it.

The correct way to eat a watermelon, by Tom Willet.

I’ve posted about the proper way to eat a watermelon before, so I figured I’d share this video with you all of a man teaching you how to eat a watermelon. Did you know that one serving of watermelon is half the fucking melon? Neither did I! Seems like a tad too much, call me loco. And isn’t it just so helpful when he shows us what a fork looks like? I know. What a sweetheart!

Watch out for the fork cartel! Perpendicular! Eastern sector! 1 15/16″ diameter! Very good watermelon! Debating whether you can complete something that is partial! Marshmallows! Archemides’ principal of watermelons! The sudden realization he thinks he’s talking to children! Peanut butter! If it’s salty peanut butter! Chocolate milk!

Man, this is the most charmingly pedantic watermelon video ever. You really need to watch it. I do have one question though…

Where’s the twang of salt? Oh. Wait. He totally addresses that.