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Month: June 2011 (page 1 of 3)

Battles’ “Ice Cream”

So, like, uh, I guess people are all into this Battles group and stuff. They’re all right, I suppose. I dig the video, though. It’s right along the same lines as the videos for El Guincho’s “Bombay” and Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light”. Also, unsurprisingly, it was made by the same folks.

NSFW for those of you whose places of work don’t tolerate naked women eating ice cream in the bath tub. I feel sorry for you. Get better jobs.

Peter Serafinowicz’s KFC commercial

Man, if KFC doesn’t buy this creative, they are going to really regret it down the line. The music is perfect. It really says to me, “This is a wholesome, All-American meal I would be proud to serve to my family.”

Tony Holiday’s “Tanze Samba Mit Mir”

This one goes out to Manja. Enjoy.

Joad Cressbeckler: Homosexuality a Necessity on Cold Mountaintops

Joad Cressbeckler: Homosexuality A Necessity On Cold Mountaintops

I love Joad Cressbeckler. Let me provide you with a quotation exeplifying exactly why I love him.

You say it ain’t right for two old prospectors to tongue at each other’s peckers to keep ’em from droppin’ off in the frostbite?!

This video had me laughing until my cheeks hurt, especially the discussion of the differences in taste between cow brains and man brains and whether or not cows have minds. Genius. Who writes this shit? This is the best work The Onion does. So good every single time.

Vasili Gavre’s “Do You Have A Girlfriend?”

So, I guess my buddy Vasili just released this music video for a track of his that was cut by my other buddy Paul. Not the style of music you’ll normally see me post here on The Black Laser, but I just can’t resist posting work by people I know in meatspace. Here it is. Enjoy. And, New Yorkers, how many places in the video do you recognize? I recognize about 1 million of them.

Felix Cartal’s “World Class Driver”

YES. I love this. Let’s get some pills and 4 Lokos and go dancing with old people.

It’s my birthday.

I am 29 years old. It is an insignificant marker, but that’s where I am. Happy birthday to me. That is all.

I wish The Black Laser a productive, magical year. Everyone who reads this should enjoy a delicious treat in honor of my birthday. I don’t care what it is, but send me a photo.

Love you all.

edit//Here’s something else I learned: I share the same birthday as Iceland. Let’s all eat sheep’s face and rotten shark! Huzzah!

90-year-old man recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII

I hope that, if I ever reach 90, I have stories like this. Incredible.