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Month: June 2011 (page 2 of 3)

A visit from the Birthday Skeleton…

I sure hope that I get a visit from the Birthday Skeleton tonight…

A Visit From the Birthday Skeleton

I have no idea who made this, but I absolutely love it.

Meat Beat Manifesto’s “Helter Skelter 97”

This morning I watched a music video that I wanted to like, but just didn’t. Nor did I hate it. It fell into that gray limbo space of “not getting posted on The Black Laser”. However, the video was for a track remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto which made me realize I’ve never posted any MBM here before. That changes now.

Meat Beat Manifesto are an electronic group fronted by Jack Dangers (not his real name) that has spanned a wide variety of electronic sub-genres over their career. Coming out of the techno scene in the UK, they’ve grown into something wholly unidentifiable. Are they jungle? Drum n bass? EBM? Industrial? Who knows. And, really, who cares. MBM were one of the first real electronic acts I got into back in the 90s and were hugely influential on my musical tastes. I first encountered them with 1996’s Subliminal Sandwich, their fifth album, and still one of my favorites.

I’m not exactly sure how I first found MBM, but it doesn’t really matter now. When so much mid-90s electronic music sounds dated as all hell (Fatboy Slim, I’m looking at you), MBM still sound fresh and different. If you want some cool, dark, weird electronic music, check this shit out. If you’re going to start, though, I recommend starting where I did at Subliminal Sandwich, unless you’re a huge early 90s UK techno fan, in which case you already know about Meat Beat Manifesto.

edit\\ You’ll notice in this video, which predates The Matrix, that they are totally doing that camera thing that The Matrix made so popular. That is, setting up a rack of still cameras in an arc around action that all shoot an image at once so that it looks like a moment is frozen in three dimensions. Progressive as hell, MBM.

Cauldron’s “All or Nothing”

These guys were born 25 years too late, but that doesn’t stop them from having produced a ripping video for this song.

Also, good morning! I’ve been up since 6. Why? Who knows.

Cut Copy’s “Hearts on Fire”

This video is for a track for their 2008 album In Ghost Colours which used to be my favorite of theirs until I gave this year’s Zonoscope a few decent listens. Man, these guys are such a good band. You should listen to Cut Copy and give them a little bit of your disposable income.

I’m posting this here today because my 2xLP version of Zonoscope arrived this morning and I’ve already posted the one video they’ve made for the record. You get an old one, but that’s cool because it is still a good video for a great song. What more can you ask for?

Oh? What’s that? You could ask for a back rub? Sure, sure, you could, but let’s keep this reasonable, shall we?

RIP Seth Putnam, a list of my favorite A.C. song titles

As I am sure you all know by now, Seth Putnam, lead vocalist from legendary, asshole, grindcore band Anal Cunt, has died. AC (as they were known around people who find the word “cunt” offensive) were a profound influence in my life as a young metal head. Here were a bunch of guys making absurdly heavy, dissonant grind who obviously didn’t take themselves seriously at all. This stood in stark contrast to the other guys who were making absurdly heavy, dissonant metal who obviously took themselves pretty damn seriously indeed. If you’re a metal head (and I hope you are), then you know what I am talking about.

To celebrate the life and career of a man who wrote some of my favorite under 1 minute long songs, here is a list of some of my favorite Anal Cunt song titles in no particular order.

  • I Respect Your Feelings As A Woman And A Human
  • MTV Is My Source For New Music
  • “Well You Know, Mean Gene…”
  • Brutally Morbid Axe of Satan
  • You Must Be Wicked Underground If You Own This
  • Our Band Is Wicked Sick (We Have The Flu)
  • Selling Out By Having Song Titles On The Album
  • Pepe, The Gay Waiter
  • Living Colour Is My Favorite Black Metal Band
  • Don’t Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore
  • Foreplay With a Tree Shredder
  • Old Lady Across The Hall With No Life
  • You Look Divorced
  • I Hope You Get Deported
  • 311 Sucks
  • You Went To See Dishwalla And Everclear (You’re Gay)
  • You’re a Fucking Cunt
  • You’re A Trendy Fucking Pussy
  • Your Family Is Dumb
  • Van Full of Retards
  • You’ve Got No Friends
  • You Own A Store
  • You Are An Interior Decorator
  • You Have Goals
  • Being A Cobbler Is Dumb
  • Your Kid Is Deformed
  • You Go To Art School
  • Your Best Friend Is You
  • Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You
  • You Live In A Houseboat

Here are a couple of jams from Anal Cunt’s weird-as-fuck career.

Oh, Anal Cunt, I wouldn’t trade all the years of hilarious song titles you’ve given for anything. You will be missed, even if you were a fucked up, misanthrophic, junkie asshole. RIP Seth.

Erasure’s “Little Respect [live]”

I received a link to this video in an e-mail tonight with the subject “boner alert!”. The entire text of the e-mail read “look at his lil’ shoes!!!!!” I figured I’d share it with all of you since it was kind of totally amazing.

Riskay’s “Smell Yo Dick”

This is not a joke. I mean, it’s a joke, but it’s not an intentional joke. Let me smell yo dick.


Welcome To Earth, Corinne Katherine Dillingham!

Yesterday my lovely sister in law Leah gave birth to her second daughter, named Corinne Katherine Dillingham. Originally due on my birthday (6/17), she decided she was sick of being cooped up in Leah’s womb and thought that yesterday was a good time to emerge in San Francisco. My sort-of sister in law Beata works at the same hospital as a nurse and excitedly came online to IM me that Leah was going into labor and that she was SOOOOO EXCITED and had to share since Cha was still at work.

Well, then I got all excited and texted my brother and Leah wishing them “Good luck with the hatching!!”

He replied, “The alien will come out through the ribcage.”

To which I replied, “Catch it before it burns a hole in the floor and kills everyone else, Ripley.” Then I requested photos. Which he sent! Do you want to see?! Of course you do!

What a lovely family.

Welcome to planet earth, you crazy little shit. You’re in for a wild ride.