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Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What the fuck? This one is for all the girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they’re girls who do girls like they’re boys.

The only reason I know about Cazwell is that me and the ladies enjoyed a bit of his music on the drive up to Vermont a few weeks ago after a healthy dose of the Scissor Sisters. Motor Vehicle Dance Party New England 2010.

An update on my hard drive problem

After about 48 total hours of data recovery with Data Rescue II, all 1.1TB of my data have been recovered. It is now spread across three drives, two 500GB G-raids that were both partially full and one 1TB Western Digital MyBook. Though I’d prefer not to have so many drives hooked up all over my desk, I am glad that I was able to save my data from oblivion.

What’s better (or worse) is that I’ve discovered the source of my problem. But I jump ahead of myself.

After recovering all my data and checking to make sure everything was ok, I went to do what any sane person would do in a situation like this—I ran DiskWarrior on the Drobo again. This time it finished! But, uh oh, it revealed the folder structure of the root of the drive, but only about 78GB of the 1.1TB I had on there was visible to the MacOS. Yet the Drobo and its utility Drobo Dashboard seemed to indicate that all the data were still on the drives even though DiskWarrior could not make it visible again.

So I figured that the shit was just too fucked up and since I’d saved everything, I formatted the Drobo. I assumed that formatting the Drobo would alleviate the problems I’d been experiencing since it was, obviously, a case of a severely corrupted directory structure, right? As an additional precaution I yanked the 500GB drive I’d salvaged from a failed G-Raid, leaving only the two Seagate drives I’d purchased specifically for the Drobo. Everything seemed ok after the format, the drive mounted, it had a name, all good. Then I tried to copy my photos onto the Drobo and after about 6GB, the copy slowed to a crawl and then hung, telling me that it would take an additional 140 hours to finish copying the remaining 109GB. What the hell? I thought. What is this, 1993? I stopped the copy since waiting 140 hours for 115GB it totally stupid.

I thought that maybe the Drobo needed a refresher, so I formatted it again. When formatting a Drobo, it gives you the option to chose a disk size of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 TB regardless of how much real physical storage you have. Perhaps some of the weirdness I’m having comes from the Drobo making the OS think that it is larger than it actually is? This time I formatted as a 1TB Drobo since I had two 1TB Seagates which yields 1TB of usable storage. Makes sense. The formatting tool indicated that the format with this particular drive configuration would yield 1 1TB partition. Perfect. But when the format was done, I had the 1 1TB partition and one brand new mystery 1 1TB partition that came from nowhere. I thought it must be a mistake so I formatted again and got the same results.

I went to the Drobo site to look for any help I could in the knowledgebase. For some reason I clicked a link to The Unofficial Apple Weblog to browse through as a distraction. For no real reason at all, just that I like that site and was interested in what they had to say about the Drobo. They were totally positive which was nice, but not helpful to me. I went to their main page and eventually encountered an article called Seagate continues to communicate bad news.


I figured it could not possibly refer to the server-class drives I’d purchased on recommendation from Lloyd’s Mac Performance Guide. I clicked the links to the two preceding articles.

The first was called, Tick tick tick… significant number of Seagate hard drives failing. It doesn’t go into too much detail. The real meat was in the second article.

Take two of the Seagate saga.

Now things get interesting. The article says this:

This is really important, because if it fails because you haven’t followed the instructions, your hard drive is offline. The data will be OK, but it will not be accessible. Seagate is saying they will retrieve data from problem drives, but that is a slow process and a gigantic hassle.

That sounds A LOT like what was happening to my drives, except I had the Drobo and Data Rescue to let me know that the data were still intact. The data WERE ok, but were not accessible. It was a GIGANTIC hassle and a slow process to recover. 2 for 2. I went to the Seagate page that has information about this shitshow and put in the serial numbers of the two drives I’d purchased. Guess what? One of them was in the batch of drive affected by this particular SNAFU. Fun! Let’s fix it!

Oh what is that? I can’t fix it on a PowerMac at work? I can’t fix it in a FW enclosure? I need to insert it into a MacPro or a Windows computer, neither of which I have or have access to? Oh, it’s because the firmware updater ONLY RUNS AS A TINY DOS EXECUTABLE ON INTEL MACHINES ON DRIVES THAT ARE ATTACHED VIA SATA!? Awesome! That makes it really easy to fix on my laptop computer with no accessible internal SATA ports. Super fun. And since I can’t fix it at work, and people have been getting refurbished drives back from Seagate instead of the new ones they’d sent, my only other real choice is to try and connect the drive via eSATA and a dock which I’ve read has worked.

Fingers crossed, people! We’ll get to the bottom of this yet!

Daily routine

I am not a daily routine kind of person. I wish I was. I would love to learn how to have that sort of discipline. I’m sure I would get more done. Unfortunately, flying by the seat of my pants has worked out well enough for me so far that I have no great pressing reason to change, no matter how much my brain knows it’s a good idea to approach my work with a more regimented schedule. It’s kind of stressful knowing that I would be better off having a work schedule, but not having the discipline to enact it for longer than a few weeks at the most. Where does one learn this skill of self-discipline? Is it something inate? If that’s the case, I’m fucked. I’ve never been a good self-motivator and I am too easily distracted by whatever the hell is going on around me. Even right now, I’ve written, what?, eight sentences?, and already I want to get up and walk around and blah blah blah blah. What’s that shit about?

If it’s not innate, where can I learn it? Again, my history of getting by winging it about 95% of the time doesn’t help at all. Winging it is great when I have to fix the Avid or cut together an animatic for clients, but not so great for more serious work. I’ve got this built in perception that if I can’t nail it right away, that’s it’s either a) fucked or b) a shitty idea to begin with. Neither of those are very helpful for seeing something through to the end. How do I unlearn that unconscious tendency? How do I learn to feel good about the work I do so I can stand behind it and continue until it be thoroughly finished? I am always impressed with my friend Jesse who has this seemingly limitless capacity for sitting down and just hacking through what needs to be hacked through like a champion. It has certainly paid off for him thus far. Where the hell do I learn that shit?

This is something I think about a lot. It’s probably my major struggle as a creative person—how do I continue to create when I already have a fairly full schedule? How can I be a creative person? How can I be a productive person? How can I produce? Oh how these questions taunt me! I had it going for a minute earlier this month, but it’s lapsed again. I need to figure out how to get it going for longer than a week or two.

If you, humble reader, are like me, then it will be inspiring to you to read about other creative people and how they schedule themselves to create. Daily Routines – How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days. I really like Saul Bellow and Ingmar Bergman’s routines.

Um, hello? Who said this was ok?

Apparently, I have a doppelgänger somewhere who is having his face painted on walls in London. My cousin Steven pointed me toward the evidence which I gladly display for you here.


What the hell? People are often told they look like someone else and, mostly, it’s a stretch to find the similarities. There will be one thing that’s similar and the person making the connection will have an overactive imagination. “Oh, you’ve got black hair, and it reminds me of Freddie Mercury, so you look like Freddie Mercury.” Yeah, sure, whatever.

But in this case, I have to admit that this is a pretty striking resemblance. Were it not for the obvious geographical issue (I’m in NY) and a whole host of other issues (How did they get my face? Who painted this? What the hell?), I would actually think this is a painting of me. It’s uncanny and freaking me out in a way, but the narcissist in me is overwhelmed with joy that my face is on the wall somewhere in London (even if it isn’t actually my face).

The other option is that my doppelgänger is out there somewhere doing something to get his face blazoned on the walls of London tunnels. Clearly this can only lead to trouble for me in the long run so the solution to this issue is clear; I must immediately begin training in the deadly arts, track this shouldn’t-exist version of myself down, slay him, and drink his blood to take what is currently two and make myself whole again. That is without a doubt the only rational choice to make in these circumstances. I mean, what would you do when faced with tangible proof that someone else is out there wearing your face like a mask and committing unspeakable acts of sheer lunacy? Unless of course I’m the evil one. In that case, my whole life suddenly makes a lot of sense. Hmm. Food for thought.