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Guys & Dolls

No, I’m not referring to the musical, but the unbelievable documentary by the BBC on doll fetishists. Check it out. It’s long (~46min), but totally worth the investment. It’s probably not safe for work (unless you work in a cool place like I do), so caveat emptor.

It really is amazing and an incredible look into a subculture I had no clue about. I had heard of Real Dolls before, but never knew it went to this extent. There is a profound sense of sadness emanating from the subjects of the film and there are parts where my insides contort violently with second hand embarrassment.

My friend Chris

Let me introduce you to my friend Chris. Chris is a wildly talented cinematographer and maker of images. He’s also a wonderfully goofy son of a bitch and a good, old friend of mine. Coming from a social group of Luddites, neither of us knew we had Flickr accounts until he saw my (awesome) site and link to my Flickr account.

There are samples of his photography and his reel after the jump.