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My friend Chris

Let me introduce you to my friend Chris. Chris is a wildly talented cinematographer and maker of images. He’s also a wonderfully goofy son of a bitch and a good, old friend of mine. Coming from a social group of Luddites, neither of us knew we had Flickr accounts until he saw my (awesome) site and link to my Flickr account.

There are samples of his photography and his reel after the jump.

After a night out in San Francisco, undoubtedly rocking that city like no one’s business, he sent me a more or less lucid e-mail sharing his photography with me. And I am impressed! He doesn’t have a whole lot up there right now, but he does have a bunch of really cool Holga cross-processed toy camera stuff that is totally unlike the photos I tend to make. Here are three of my favorites.

Check out the rest of his work here—Chris Galdes @ Flickr

Conveniently, he also has his cinematography demo reel available online. Will the wonders never cease?!

chris galdes demo reel from chris galdes on Vimeo

I don’t know what the purpose of this post is except to share a friend’s work for the 3, maybe 4, people who will read this. Wicked!

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  1. Don Diggler Don Diggler December 6, 2008

    Dude…….very impressive Chris. I really love the first photo. Awesome work.

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