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Tag: Unicorn

Brian Dances

This is the single finest piece of work I have ever done. Never again shall I reach such dizzying heights or experience the rush of seeing something so beautiful pour forth from my fingers. This is it. This is the last video I will ever edit in my life. I am putting down the proverbial axe and walking away. There is nothing else for me to gain here.

Does anyone out there love me?

Because I’m pretty sure I need this. I don’t know what I would use it for, but I kind of want it. If it were black and pink, it could be The Black Laser mascot. OOOOhhhhh, idea!



When hunting unicorns, it’s important to kill them in a such a manner as not to break or injure their horns. It makes a much nicer trophy with the horn intact. My real issue with it here is that I wish the taxidermist had posed the unicorn in a pose befitting its natural ferocity. They are mean, mean animals who seek out the blood of infants to power the vile engines churning inside their seemingly kind chests. The more unicorns killed, the better, really.

Just look at its lifeless, cold, black eyes.

Unicorn Taxidermy @ Etsy

The inner workings of my brain are a mysterious thing

It occurred to me last night that what I was talking about the other day was ROI—Return On Investment. Except that I’m not looking for monetary return, but a body of creative work to share and distribute. I don’t know why that term has never come up inside my head in all the years I’ve been using the same method of evaluating purchases. It’s not like I didn’t know it either.

Have a drawing of a unicorn.


Re: my Easter e-card

Haiku De Grace has tread similar ground.

Somethings were just made to go together. For example, Robocop and Unicorns. Jung is having a mega-boner right now about this.

The Black Laser Icon gallery – posted for your enjoyment!

Matt Toder commented to me this morning that it would be fantastic is there was a place where you could view a collection of all the icons I’ve made for the rotator script on the right side of this page. Never one to deny a great idea, I’ve done just that. Now you can see large versions of all The Black Laser icons by either clicking on the icon to the right OR on the link down below.

The Black Laser Icon Gallery

Awesome! Thanks, Matt!

Because it was not yet perfect…

…but now it is.