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Uneven Structure’s “Frost/Hail”

There’s nothing more metal than the color pink.

Gojira’s “L’Enfant Sauvage”

Holy shit am I excited for this album to come out. Any lover of heavy music should be a fan of Gojira. These guys are making consistently interesting records and I am sure their forthcoming release will be no different. This first single/video release certainly indicates so.

Breakbot’s “Fantasy”

God damn. Remember Breakbot and their awesome watercolor music video? Yeah, me too. Anyway this video came out last October but I have missed it until now. Charles was telling me earlier about the new Breakbot single coming out today and then I stumbled on this gem.

Why isn’t there a Breakbot album yet? “Baby I’m Yours” came out like two years ago, was awesome, and then nothing. What’s that about? Breakbot! Put down the baguette and finish the fucking record already, all right?

M83’s “Midnight City”

Oh, I see what you did there at the beginning of the video, dudes who made this video? I have one word for you: TETSUOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this song, even though my relationship with M83 has always been a little weird. Like, they always put weird interludes on their records. One moment it’s spacey synth music, the next moment it’s some chick screaming and crying. Why? WHY!? You know, the sax solo in this song is actually a pretty good example of that. One minute you’re all, “We’re in some future, slow-mo, rain-soaked, Parisian alley-way and this is perfect,” and then the sax solo comes in and it’s like some greasy guido in a Members Only jacket stepped around the corner of your little imaginary alley-way and started ripping it on the sax. And then I can’t help thinking of this.

Oh god, what have I become?

Anyway, enjoy the video. It’s pretty cool and the song is good too. The album makes Charles cry, he said, which is pretty weird, but he’s a sensitive guy so I’m willing to give it to him.

Justice’s “Civilization”

So, like, do you remember the other day when I was all, “Just has just released their first single from their new album!” Well, as it turns out, I was totally wrong. This song came out months ago, but somehow I missed it. Oops! I am failing you, my loyal readers!

The video features a bunch of CG buffalo and ruins in the desert and crap. It’s pretty neat. Everything falls apart and the buffalo run around and get smooshed by giant rocks. I feel like more music videos these days need to have buffalo running around getting smooshed by giant rocks. You just don’t get enough of that these days. It’s a shame.

The song itself is fine, I guess. The more I hear, the less excited I am about the album. It’s not bad, exactly, but it is really really boring.

Justice’s “Audio, Video, Disco.”

Justice, the world’s second favorite French electro duo, are back with a video for their first new single in years, “Audio, Video, Disco.”, from their forthcoming record Audio, Video, Disco.

I am not sure I am in love with the track. I was initially drawn to Justice by their gritty electro take on Goblin. This new track lacks that same griminess, which is a little disappointing. Hopefully the rest of the album has punchier tracks. Justice has certainly taken at least one lesson from the world’s first favorite French electro duo: write one lyric and stick with it.

However! and a big however it is, this video is astounding. We’ve had a string of really cool music videos here on The Black Laser recently and this is just one more to add to the list. So Me’s seamless, faux-single take video is amazing. Ridiculously amazing. The amount of work that went into all the composites in this video blows my mind. And it’s beautifully shot to boot. Just great work.

Yelle’s “Safari Disco Club” & “Que veux-tu”

Because it’s Saturday and Yelle is awesome and you need some French electro pop in your life.

Rockets, the French space synth pop you always wanted

I know you woke up this morning thinking, “Fuck. I need some super sweet French space synth music in my life in a serious as hell way. Right now. I can’t fucking wait!”


It’s your lucky day. Courtesy of Aesop Dekker at Cosmic Hearse, I bring you six albums of some of the most perfect cheese ever committed to tape. It might be perfect. And if you don’t enjoy it, I feel for your soul since it will spend eternity in hell*.

Get the albums here: Rockets Beaucoup

When you’ve listened to them all and feel like you wanted to explore the outer regions of space with yours truly, The Space Pope, come on back and tell me why I should take you with me and how disappointed you’re going to be when I don’t.

*The Black Laser does not actually condone belief in Hell or, by extension, Heaven.