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M83’s “Midnight City”

Oh, I see what you did there at the beginning of the video, dudes who made this video? I have one word for you: TETSUOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this song, even though my relationship with M83 has always been a little weird. Like, they always put weird interludes on their records. One moment it’s spacey synth music, the next moment it’s some chick screaming and crying. Why? WHY!? You know, the sax solo in this song is actually a pretty good example of that. One minute you’re all, “We’re in some future, slow-mo, rain-soaked, Parisian alley-way and this is perfect,” and then the sax solo comes in and it’s like some greasy guido in a Members Only jacket stepped around the corner of your little imaginary alley-way and started ripping it on the sax. And then I can’t help thinking of this.

Oh god, what have I become?

Anyway, enjoy the video. It’s pretty cool and the song is good too. The album makes Charles cry, he said, which is pretty weird, but he’s a sensitive guy so I’m willing to give it to him.