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Tag: Finland

Insomnium’s “Regain the Fire”

I think this comment sums up this video for me perfectly.


Huoratron’s “Cryptocracy”

Now that it is embeddable, here is Huoratron’s new track from his forthcoming album Cryptocracy. And it totally rules. Charles described this video best, I think, when he wrote, “so much danish forest bloodrave zombies”. I don’t think I even need to say anything else about this, except that they are probably Finnish forest bloodrave zombie, not Danish forest bloodrave zombies. Watch the video. If you have epilepsy, don’t watch the video. The warning up front is accurate. Lots and lots of flashing things.

Huoratron’s “$$ Troopers”

I read that Huoratron is coming out with a record and thought, “Man, did I ever post that on The Black Laser????” And guess what?!?! I hadn’t! What the hell! How could I let you all down like that?!?

On the strength of this one track, Charles and I went to see Huoratron (pronounced “whore-a-tron”) at Webster Hall. Prior to the show we sat in front of a college dorm and drank a couple 4 Lokos (the old, good kind) each. They we went into the seething madness that is a party at Webster Hall and danced until we were sweaty, awful messes. It was great. Huoratron’s set was fucking awesome and jarring and dissonant. A lot like this video, but, you know, like an hour long.

I am pretty psyched about the new record coming out. I just preordered the LP on Amazon. I wanted to share this with all of you. There’s another one coming later on.

This is either genius or insane. I am not yet sure which.

If you get to the end, like I did, of the whole 8 minutes and wonder, “Why did I just watch this?” then you get a cookie. I hope that we soon find out that this is the most brilliant piece of trolling since Basil Marceaux. I mean, the hair cut? Alternatively, I’d like to find out that this guy is just the product of too many dark Finnish winters. Either way I’d be happy.