I read that Huoratron is coming out with a record and thought, “Man, did I ever post that on The Black Laser????” And guess what?!?! I hadn’t! What the hell! How could I let you all down like that?!?

On the strength of this one track, Charles and I went to see Huoratron (pronounced “whore-a-tron”) at Webster Hall. Prior to the show we sat in front of a college dorm and drank a couple 4 Lokos (the old, good kind) each. They we went into the seething madness that is a party at Webster Hall and danced until we were sweaty, awful messes. It was great. Huoratron’s set was fucking awesome and jarring and dissonant. A lot like this video, but, you know, like an hour long.

I am pretty psyched about the new record coming out. I just preordered the LP on Amazon. I wanted to share this with all of you. There’s another one coming later on.