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Utah Saints’ “Something Good ’08”

Did you know the Welsh invented the Running Man? I bet you didn’t. This video for the Utah Saints track “Something Good ’08”, which is in itself a banging dance track, claims that the Running Man was invented in Cardiff in 1989. Did Hammer really steal the move from this bespectacled young man? We might never know the truth. Of course, it might just be an awesome video premise.

There is a higher quality version of the video here, but it lacks the sound effects and dialog track which I think really help the video.

“It was the freshest move I’ve ever seen, like he was floating on air.”


Tiger Love’s “Gio Gio”

You know how earlier I was all, “Blah blah blah boobies blah blah blah cheeseburgers instead”? You don’t? Ok, WELL, this video makes me feel a similar thing in the sense that it makes me want to throw eggs at people, granted that those people are hot chicks in gold bathing suits. You know, that raises another question: would anyone actually go swimming in one of those things or are they purely for lounging pool/oceanside?

The song itself is pretty good for slick ass synthy disco music. I’m into it. I’d listen to this album while throwing a dance party, driving through the desert, or cooking dinner. Those are all suitable venues for these guys. The woman singer’s voice reminds me of the woman from Vocoder quite a bit, but separated by time and geography and grocerystoreness.

I dug around Spotify, Amazon, and the Googles for more on these guys but all I can find is their Myspace and Facebook pages which seems to indicate that they’re fairly new on the scene. I hope to see and hear more out of these folks in the future as I can never really have too much cheesey synthy dance music in my life. They have a few more videos which I’ll be posting over the next few days intermingled with other content so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Cut Copy’s “Hearts on Fire”

This video is for a track for their 2008 album In Ghost Colours which used to be my favorite of theirs until I gave this year’s Zonoscope a few decent listens. Man, these guys are such a good band. You should listen to Cut Copy and give them a little bit of your disposable income.

I’m posting this here today because my 2xLP version of Zonoscope arrived this morning and I’ve already posted the one video they’ve made for the record. You get an old one, but that’s cool because it is still a good video for a great song. What more can you ask for?

Oh? What’s that? You could ask for a back rub? Sure, sure, you could, but let’s keep this reasonable, shall we?

Disco Fantasy – Roller Boogie



I have only one word for this: LOVE.

Thanks, JJ!

Girl Walk // All Day

I have an interesting relationship with dance. As a thing to do, I love it. Unabashedly so. If you and I have not gone dancing together, we should, because it’s fucking awesome and fun and great exercise and all that shit. As an art form, I’ve never really been able to get into it, particularly with interpretive dance. I just don’t get it at all. I’ve tried, oh lord how I’ve tried, but it’s just not for me. Anyone out there willing to prove me wrong? I’d be happy to learn.

Girl Walk // All Day is a preview of a film that combines my love of dancing with a presentation of dance on the State Island ferry and terminal and the music of Girl Talk

Here’s what the creators say about it.

What is Girl Walk // All Day?

We’re making an epic, 71-minute dance music video set to All Day, the new album by mash-up musician Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis). The idea behind Girl Walk // All Day emerged from our desire to expand the boundaries around the idea of the traditional music video, which usually spans the length of a single track. This album-length piece will feature a talented group of dancers across a range of public and private spaces around New York City, turning the city’s sidewalks and obstacles into part of an evolving improvisational dance routine.

The piece will be available for free online in short, serialized segments and we also plan to screen the full-length film in public spaces, and at festivals, concerts, parties, and beyond, inspiring an interactive viewing experience that will evolve into a series of dance parties around the globe.

I’m totally in love with it. It is just great. I only wish I could be one of the dancers. I feel confident that I could do this. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this little preview of what is going to become a 70 minute film so much that I nearly sent them funds on their kickstarter project. The only reason I didn’t is because they’re already at double their goal with 38 days left for donations.

Check this shit out. I can’t wait to see the finished thing. If you feel compelled, kick them a few bucks. I might end up doing so.

Scissor Sister’s “Invisible Light”

The Scissor Sisters rock it with “Invisible Light” (which could easily be mistaken for a Pet Shop Boys track) from their 2010 album Night Work. The song is pretty great, and, if the video seems a little familiar in format to you, then you’ll not be surprised to discover that it was put together by the same team that did El Guincho’s “Bombay”. This is like the upper class European version of El Guincho’s hipster video. Make sense? I know it does.

Enjoy, and watch it when there are no disapproving eyes around.