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Dancing in public is illegal in Iran

Which makes this dance video made by my future-sister-in-law’s brother extra super special. And, given this site’s affinity for dance videos, I feel compelled to put it up.

Check out more of his stuff at

Sarah Dances – “Dancing On My Own”

Here we go again. I know we were talking about how we were going to do one of these a week, but that became unreasonable what with life and all. Nevertheless, it feels good to put another dance video out.


Psy’s “Gangnam Style (강남스타일)”

Do I speak Korean? No, I do not.

Do I need to speak Korean to like this video? No, I do not.

Do I have any idea of what the hell is going on in this video? No, I do not.

Do I love the living hell out of this thing? Yes, I do.

Sarah Dances – “The Rhythm of the Night”

It’s been a little slow around here since I’ve not been working, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my thumbs the whole time. Just, you know, most of the time.

Sarah and I made another dance video because why the hell not. Here it is. Enjoy.

I did learn one thing while doing this video: the DaVinci Resolve does not work unless you have a CUDA enhanced GPU. That means that the powerful ATI card I put in my Mac Pro will not allow me to run Resolve. That is incredibly annoying. I was going to use these videos as an opportunity to learn the software, but that will not be happening unless I pony up for Apple’s 1100 dollar Nvidia Quadro card (not going to happen).

Another thing! Why is Color rendering out so much extra? I have handles set to zero frames, but it’s still rendering out as much as a minute extra for clips that are only in the timeline for 5 frames. Bothersome. It makes what should be a fairly fast render into one that takes hours. Luckily, AMA in Media Composer 6.0.1 makes it really easy to overcut the ProResHQ renders without having to wait to reimport everything at 1:1.

God, don’t you love it when I ramble on about shop? Enjoy the video and look out for the next one.

Sarah Dances – “Release Me”

Sarah is back. Everyone say hello to Sarah. Hi, Sarah! We made this dance video yesterday and it is awesome, so you should watch it.

PELbO’s “Join Their Game”

Wow. I love this. What a simple yet incredibly effective concept for a music video. And, shit, there’s dancing, which you know quite well is always good with me. Unless it’s taken too seriously, then I have no love for it. Whatever. This video is amazing, the song is catchy, and I think you’ll dig it as much as I did. Super bonus points for getting the band into the video without having even a lick of performance.

This track comes from the band’s new release Days of Transcendence which I had never heard until I watched the video. Hell, I’d never heard of the band at all before this. Color me ignorant. Luckily, it’s on Spotify!

The record is super solid, a mix of dreamy electronics and driving rock with a dissonance that I find very compelling. It’s dark and sad and wistful and triumphant all at the same time. Singer Ine Krsitine Hoem’s vocals are wonderful, kind of like a more forceful St. Vincent. Listen to this record. One of the most interesting new things I’ve heard in a while.

Learn more about PELbO at their website.

Chairlift’s “Amanaemonesia”

Today Charles invited me to a private alpha of a new site called This Is My Jam. The idea is that you post a song that you’re jamming to but you’re only allowed one song at a time. So as soon as you switch it, your old song goes away. Pretty interesting, I think. Anyway, just clicking around today I stumbled across this gem of a song.

I don’t know anything about the group except that they’re British, I think. But I know I love this song and the video. It’s so perfectly weird in a heartwarming, accessible way. I love the dance, I love the karaoke lyrics at the bottom, I love the lo-fi aesthetic. It’s just really great.

Wake Up and Dance: A Series of Short Films

Sarah decided that it was a good idea to wake up every morning for nearly a week and shoot a video of herself dancing.

Her description:

For a week I’m going to wake up, put on my clothes and dance like an idiot. DEAL WITH IT!
Note: There is nothing special about these videos! For your health!

She’s wrong, of course. There is something special about these videos. I think they’re genius even if she doesn’t. But, that’s my prerogative and this is my website, so if I say they’re awesome, they are. I mean, by all means, please judge for yourself, but understand that if you disagree with me, there is going to be a problem.

Day 1: Holy Ghost! – “Wait & See”

Day 2: M83 – “Midnight City”

Day 3: Fab Samperi – “Listen Up”

Day 4: Deadmau5 – “Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Extended Remix)”

See? Genius.