Continuing on their quest to release the best fucking music videos in all of heavy metal, Oregon’s Red Fang have released this video for the song “Hank is Dead” from 2011’s Murder the Mountains.

Not content to allow the wanton destruction of things in their station wagon to remain their peak, the dudes went and threw an air guitar competition. That is pretty fucking bad ass. And then they shot it and made it into a music video. Genius! I’d take 1 of these to a million “band in a warehouse” videos. I don’t care how sweet your song is; if you are a metal band playing in a warehouse I am instantly bored to death of you. I am glad to see Red Fang engaging their creativity to put out videos that are both fucking entertaining as hell and perfect reflections of their music.

And if you haven’t yet listened to Murder the Mountains (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t have since I’ve recommended it like a hundred times), go listen to it. It’s on Spotify. Don’t be a jive ass sucker.