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Time-lapse from the ISS

Have you ever wondered what I, as reigning Space Pope, sees every day as I sail over your puny, insignificant world deciding whether today shall be the day I raze your filthy planet with fire? It looks a lot like this. Of course, I see many more worlds filled with many more people more deserving of life than you pitiful humans.


  1. Big Deega Big Deega November 14, 2011

    Is that real footage? Fucking Radical! If you posted more shit like this and less “Post Op” dance music I would come by more often…………by the way I saw Big Frieda live the other day and shook my ass like it was going out of style….hahahahaha

  2. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey November 14, 2011

    Who am I kidding, I love your tranny dance music!

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