Nina at rest.TomHANKS!Veggies are purty.Oh whatever delicious items shall we procure?Robin pensively holding a glass of wine.Mandy as a mirror.Robin & Mandy.The squirrel was hot and decided to lay down.Don't.  Move.I've made Robin the Blueberry Queen!Waiting for tacos.Waiting for a burrito.Making sure the photo was good.Oh how life and age tear us apart.  Haha.  Not really.  I'm just kidding.Scoping out a little girl on the subway.Park Ave.  So glitzy or something.They forgot Funk to Funky.Nothing unusual to see here.Art sprial.Central Park somewhere.Self-portrait with turtle.He's coming down from the castle.We're friends!Look, Ma!  We're in New York!  And stuff!The Blueberry Queen commands from her turret.I don't know what we should eat.  Thai?Jesus says, Sup?Planties.Fountain.Robin shows that she is not unhappy.Nina contemplates potential rain.Trees and light.Cruising the Mall.Not Sweet and Vicious.The dock in Vermont.Robin enjoying a brewer's hard work.Nina whistling at fishes.The ladies of Vermont.Fishing fishing fishing.Relationships are complicated sometimes.Nina is a bear.This is fuuunnnn!Robin...uh...peeling an orange?Nina post-swim.Yes.  This is good.Mischief.Stop taking pictures of me.I lost this game.  Too bad.Marley.Nina thinks about her next move.Robin suns herself.Boat and setting sun.Rock wall.Boat and dock.Setting sun over the distant shore.Flowers.Flowers also.These logs would not survive the night.Robin playing mirror.Still life of sunflower with Robin.Family.Sunset with foreground objects.Post sunset.Post sunset also.Post sunset also also.In mere hours, this would be a raging pillar of flame.Funnily, this isn't an anchor, but part of the tree.