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Zombie Zombie + John Carpenter = Awesome

Zombie Zombie is a horror-inspired French electro duo. Listening to a few of their tracks, it’s obvious that old school horror soundtracks are a primary creative source for them. So it is no surprise that someone made this fucking awesome video recreating John Carpenter’s The Thing with MOTHERFUCKING GI JOES.

They have a record called A Land for Renegades that came out last year. I need it so bad. Analog zombie disco? I NEED IT SO BAD. God, it’s like God reached into my brain and pulled out everything I love and made it into two motherfucking French guys. What the fuck?!

Here’s their trailer. The performance in it reminds me of this live Kraftwerk performance of “Ruckzuck” on German TV in 1970, but with an obviously more modern, darker, more aggressive air. Calling on the Masters of Electronic Music like that, unwittingly no doubt, bodes well.

Too awesome.