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Tag: Tim and Eric

Beach House’s “Wishes”

Leland Palmer lip-syncing sad pop songs? Yes, please. It’s so Twin Peaksy. Thank you, Eric Wareheim.


Put THAT in your milk.

Lots of brain power right now, folks. Enjoy the videos.

Kids Say The Darn Funniest Things.

The lead in on this video is moderately funny, but it really breaks into “holy shit my face hurts and I can’t see through the tears” hilarious territory when it shows the clips from Zach’s show “Kids Say The Darn Funniest Things” at 2:48ish. When he packs the lipper? Adult candy. Brilliant.

It’s a little dirty how much I love Zach Galifianakis. The Visioneers was amazing. Live at the Purple Onion hurts me it’s so good. Everything he does with Tim & Eric is awesome. God damn. Just stop. I have work to do and he is distracting me from it by being hilarious. And then writing about it here. Oh.

Health’s “We Are Water”

Neat! And not exactly for the squeamish!

Good job, Eric Wareheim!

Depeche Mode’s “Hole To Feed”

Dear Eric Wareheim,

Thank you for informing me that Depeche Mode is still delightful even when coming out of a pack of multicultural, teenaged candy ravers in front of an audience filled with people making out in as disgusting/porno of a way as I might have ever seen. You open doors for me.


Joe Dillingham
The Black Laser

edit/// Oops!! I fixed the video.

Tommy Sparks’ “She’s Got Me Dancing”

Too great. I love Eric Wareheim.

I watch a LOT of music videos; I love them. Especially ones that aren’t just the god damned band trying to look cool. The less performance then better, I say. It’s rare that I come across a video in which I would change nothing. This is one of those videos. It’s perfect. Totally perfect.

I wish it could last forever.

Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me

You know, I’m not that crazy about this song, but I am a huge fan of Tim and Eric, Awesome Show Great Job!. It is insane in the best possible way. And since Eric Wareheim, of Tim and Eric (duh), directed this video, it has some of their trademark madness in it. Check it out.