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Tag: Theremin

Peter Pringle performs “Nature Boy” for Voice & Theremin

WHAT. I mean, WHAT?!

Let’s make a handy bulleted list of all the things I like about this video, simple as it is.

  • A song by Eden Ahbez (YES!)
  • Theremin (YES!)
  • Opening scrolling titles (YES!)
  • His name is Peter Pringle (ALLITERATIVE!)
  • His haircut (UNFORTUNATE!)
  • Soft focus (DREAMY!)
  • The blue-ish hair light (WEIRD!)
  • The feeling his gives it (AFFECTED!)
  • The weird little way he closes he eyes at the end and then opens them just before the video fades out (CREEPY!)

Am I wrong in enjoying this video as much as I did? Does anyone else see the genius in this weird little piece of internet ephemera? Am I losing my mind?! PETER PRINGLE?!!!?!?

goodmorning theremin テルミンで東風(TONG POO)

Ok, here’s a list of things I either liked or learned in this video.

  1. The Japanese lady is playing a Russian electronic instrument invented early in the 20th century built by an American company. Go global.
  2. It sounds like a shamisen!
  3. I NEED to have a Japanese woman to wake me in the mornings playing the theremin like this.
  4. This performance is amazing. Really, really amazing
  5. Japan is awesome!
  6. Other things!

So, there you go. This video is awesome and you should watch it, and, after watching it, like it. Because it’s really good.

Thanks, Peter!

Dr. Samuel Hoffman on the theremin

It’s the middle of the night (00:37) and I am watching vintage videos of vintage synthesizers being played by vintage synthesists. What are you doing, huh?

You might know Dr. Samuel Hoffman from his exotica records of Les Baxter. Wait, you don’t? What about the record he did with Billy May? Not that either? Wow.

How about a demo track or two, huh?

[audio:|titles=Possesion|artists=Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel Hoffman] [audio:|titles=Celestial Nocturne|artists=Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel Hoffman]

Pretty great, right?

A tad more New Year’s goodness

Auld Lang Syne on the theremin.

I hereby propose an addition to the popular lexicon— “thereminist face”. Everyone is (or should be) familiar with the concept of “drummer face”, that is, the often ridiculous face a drummer makes while playing the drums. Every drummer has a drummer face, and each face is unique. Thomas Grillo shows us that thereminists too have a face they make. Thomas’s is quite subdued, focused, serious. But with the way his eyes glaze over, it is clear that he is focused on the moment, hitting the fierce jams on his travel Theremin.