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Alma Matter 8/22/2009

I cannot believe that it’s been 3 months since I last posted photos here. What the hell have I been doing with myself? I’ve been taking photos—that much, at least, is certain—but I have no idea why I haven’t posted any here. I have a serious back log to tend to which is only going to be set back further by the trip I am taking with Juli tomorrow to the Finger Lakes. Sounds dirty.

This last Saturday, The Metric System threw a fund-raising show we called “Alma Matter”. Get it? Like “Alma Mater,” but, like, different or something? Anyway, it was super deep and emotional, and, as usual, I documented it.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the photographs I made that night. Here are a few of my better ones.

The whole gallery can be found here: Alma Matter Gallery

The Metric System Naïveté Second Party – 5/08/2009

The second Metric System party went off last Friday the 8th like gangbusters. It was a good time, maybe not as crazy as the first, but it felt more cohesive. So, good job, us. We kicked ass. Look for another party in 6 months!

Here’s the gallery! The Metric System Naïveté Second Party Gallery – 5/08/2009

Here is a selection of my favorites

I think this set of photos, overall, is pretty good, but not as good as my first one. I don’t know what the difference was. I guess sometimes I’m just not as on as others. Oh well. There are some definite keepers in this which is the whole point. I’ve really got to work on using my flash to better effect when there’s absolutely no other ambient light around, as was the case during this party. I’m not entirely sure what I could be doing better while maintaining the look. I’d like to have better control of the light in general and be faster at adjusting the flash output without resorting to bullshit auto-mode. E-TTL II my balls. What I need, I suppose, is practice. These events are good for learning, but I’ve got to figure out some better shit for next time. I also think it would be helpful to have another photographer JUST to cover the performances, someone equipped with a fast, long lens who could focus on the stage, while I wandered the crowd, telling people not to smile, with a fast, wide lens taking photos of people. I want this one, but I think it’s a little too expensive for my soon to be jobless situation.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. I have a backlog of stuff I’m still working through, so keep your RSS readers peeled for more.

The Metric System – Naïveté party photos

The ultimate yield from the party photos I took was something like 441 usable photos. In the selection process I basically only rejected photos that had some major technical defect (soft focus, bad exposure, horrible). Usually I only pick and process photos I like, which would have probably cut this set in half or even a third, but since these pictures are for The Metric System to use as press I went ahead a left in a bunch of technically fine, artistically lacking photos.

Because there are so many, I’m only putting the first 35 into this post. A link to the whole set follows. I encourage you to check it out since the real party pictures don’t start until well into the triple digits.

The Metric System – Naïveté @ Flickr

Metric System Party – The Aftermath

This is just a quickie post to update any of my non-New York and non-attending New York readers of how amazing the Metric System debut party was. Many of you who know me know that I am a jaded, cynical son of a bitch and it takes a LOT to impress me. Well, I was totally impressed by the huge turn out on Friday and the sheer awesomeness of the party. For those of you who were unable to attend, do make sure you come by for the next event.

Kudos to you Metric System folks who went well beyond what was called for and really made this party happen. Good work.

Expect photos in the next few days. I took nearly 500 of them between 6 and 10:30, which is about on par for me. I think the yield of good photos will be high, maybe 3:1 to 4:1 photos to usable photos. I expect maybe 15-20 really great ones. And, any doubts I might have had about the investment in the 5d Mk II were put out of their misery and buried under a mountain of stone where only the Balrog dwells.

I wonder how Jesse Allen felt yesterday morning? Haha. Silly Jesse and his dwindling back-pocket bottle of Jack Daniels.

Metric System party tonight, Dec 12th!

Everyone, Metric System party is tonight from 8-10pm. If you live in New York and are not infirm, I expect to see you there. Here’s the invite with the location.

Metric System Medium Invite
Metric System Invite

If you want to be slick and come by for the VIP hour, the party starts at 7, with a silent auction, exclusive performance, and a bunch of other really great stuff for a suggested donation of only 20 US dollars.

Come by! Support the arts!