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Meet my friend Tessie, who I hope to be able to address as my Tony Award Winning friend Tessie soon.

This is my friend Tessie.

Tessie and I went to high school together in California and reconnected a couple years ago here in New York when we discovered we both lived and worked here. She is a costume designer working on Broadway in various musicals and theatrical productions. She works hard and has done well for herself. I am constantly impressed. Currently she’s working on a show called Lend Me A Tenor. Sweet pun.

So, upon hearing of her Tony Nomination this morning, I felt tremendous pride in my friend. For those of you who don’t know what the Tony Awards are—and, really, what the hell?—they are the theatre’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. It’s a big deal to be nominated for a Tony Award.

Here’s a screencap of the nomination.

See her show there? I know you do. So do I. Great, right?

The awards aren’t until June, so we’ll all have to wait until we find out that they won for Best Costume Design. Not “if”, mind you. That.

Good job, Tessie!