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Tag: SS+K

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 7 “#BLESSED Day Ever”

“#BLESSED Day Ever” is the seventh and final film in the Hamburger Hummus septology. We follow Judy through Jerusalem as she seeks to connect with her spiritual side. Also, Deedra is hungover. Batman!

Now that you’ve seen all the films, which was your favorite? Did you have as much fun watching as I had editing them? I bet you did. And if you didn’t just keep it to yourself. No one wants your negativity here.

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 6 “Earthright”

The sixth film, “Earthright”, is in your eyes and ears right now! Awesome! Check out all the hippies! What do they smell like? We’ll never know! (But we can probably guess.)

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 5 “Shots Shots Shabbats”

“Shots Shots Shabbats” is the fifth Hamburger Hummus film. This one is about poor decisions. We’ve all made them and we’re all likely to make them again. So, maybe, this film is also about forgiveness and empathy?

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 4 “Tech Aviv”

Here’s the fourth film, “Tech Aviv”, or, as I like to call it, “Israelis Are Mean To Shane (Poor Shane)”.

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 3 “Room 420”

“Room 420” is the third of seven Hamburger Hummus films. This one is about panic attacks, Israeli doctors, caves, snacks, and marijuana.

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 2 “Baba Gaynoush”

Here’s the second part of the seven Hamburger Hummus films! Watch it! Send it to your friends!

It’s funny!

Hamburger Hummus: Episode 1 “Shalom Shamericans”

I recently finished work on a series of webfilms for SS+K called Hamburger Hummus which seek to broaden Millennials’ perception of Israel. The films star some recognizable faces like Jillian Bell and Angela Kinsey and I think they’re damn funny.

“Shalom Shamericans” is the first of the seven films, the remainder of which I will be rolling out over the next couple weeks one by one. Of course, they’re all online already so if you are enterprising you can just go find the rest of them. I mean, like, duh.

I’m pretty proud of this project. I hope you enjoy it. To get you psyched about the rest of them, here’s the 30 second trailer I cut as a bonus.