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Tag: Painting

In honor of the passing of Dr. Kevorkian, here’s some Acid Bath

Jack Kevorkian died yesterday at the age of 83. You all know who he was: the infamous Dr. Death, proponent of assisted suicide, inventor of the suicide machine, and… a painter and jazz musician? Yup. He painted some grotesque, disturbing works in his day. And released a jazz flute record.

What you might not know if that the painting above on Acid Bath’s 1996 metal masterpiece Paegan Terrorism Tactics is a painting by Kevorkian called “For He Is Raised.” If any of you love me, you’ll follow that link and get me a print. Really.

In honor of the passing of a man who I think genuinely helped those in need, here are a few of my favorite tracks from Paegan Terrorism Tactics.

[audio:|titles=Bleed Me An Ocean|artists=Acid Bath] [audio:|titles=Locust Spawning|artists=Acid Bath] [audio:|titles=Venus Blue|artists=Acid Bath] [audio:|titles=Dead Girl|artists=Acid Bath]

Enjoy. I had a very hard time picking just four songs to share with you. Paegan Terrorism Tactics is easily one of my all-time favorite metal albums.

The Amazing Painting of Jeremy Geddes

I first encountered the work of Jeremy Geddes, an Australian painter, with a series of zombie paintings he did. I would link you, but they are no longer on his site. Recently he came to my attention with his series of Cosmonaut paintings, each featuring a sole Cosmonaut floating in vaguely Christ-like poses through a variety of locales. I like them not just because they are masterfully executed but because you can’t really tell if the Cosmonaut is dead or just weightless. I like to think he’s dead, but that’s just me; I listen to metal.

Go on over to his site and check out the work.

While you’re there, I’d like this. Thanks. My birthday is coming up.

Art is important for any home.

About a million years ago I went to the Guggenheim with my friends Chris and Ryan when they were in town for a little visit. We wandered into the permanent collection and saw what I consider to be the most beautiful painting ever created. This is it.

That’s right. It’s a painting of a lobster fighting a cat. By Pablo Picasso. Is it not the finest piece of artwork you’ve ever seen? The Guggenheim has a total bullshit write-up of the painting on their site, but I like to think that we’re seeing the result of kooky, old Picasso making something he thinks is funny for a friend. Like, “Hey dude, we’re friends, I made you this rad painting of a lobster fighting a cat. Sweet. See you later!”

I have a print of this painting hanging in my living room right now. It’s awesome.

I have some other art too. I have three small, original paintings by artist R. Nicholas Kuszyk of robots. Today I also purchased a print of a piece called “Zombies vs Unicorns” from Josh Cochran.

I’m pretty excited about this one. I definitely need to get it framed.

I also want to print out a bunch of photos nice and big and frame them and place them around the apartment. Unfortunately, Adorama is closed for Passover so I’ll have to wait a little bit. Not really a problem.

There has always been one piece of art I’ve never seemed to able to find as a decent sized print. It’s this.

Ok. Do me a favor and look at this painting. Do you see the surly clown sitting there having a drink, smoking a cigarette, and being ignored by the patrons? It’s totally awesome, right? I know. It’s a painting called “Soir Bleu” by Edward Hopper, who you might know by his iconic “Night Hawks”. The real painting lives at the Whitney here in New York and while I’d like to steal the original, I think I’ll make due with a print. The problem has always been that I’ve never been able to find a decent sized print of the work. I’ve seen posters, but those are lame. I’ve seen post cards, but those are tiny. But, I’ve never seen a good sized print.

Until today. While chit chatting with a friend on IM about artwork, I found that the Whitney will make me a 24×40 inch print for 85.00. Seriously? I’d be stupid not to do that. It’s absolutely worth the 85 bucks for something that big to put in my apartment. I think it would look magnificent hanging in my house opposite my Picasso. I’m not sure yet where the Unicorn and Zombie piece will go, but I’m sure I’ll find a home for it.

Are there any things you guys think I should add to my collection of decoration for my new place? Nothing make a home feel like a home as quickly as hanging things on the wall and having furniture. After a Saturday bonanza at Ikea, the latter is accounted for. Suggestions, friends?