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Tag: Norway


Of COURSE these guys are Manowar fans. Of course.

PELbO’s “Join Their Game”

Wow. I love this. What a simple yet incredibly effective concept for a music video. And, shit, there’s dancing, which you know quite well is always good with me. Unless it’s taken too seriously, then I have no love for it. Whatever. This video is amazing, the song is catchy, and I think you’ll dig it as much as I did. Super bonus points for getting the band into the video without having even a lick of performance.

This track comes from the band’s new release Days of Transcendence which I had never heard until I watched the video. Hell, I’d never heard of the band at all before this. Color me ignorant. Luckily, it’s on Spotify!

The record is super solid, a mix of dreamy electronics and driving rock with a dissonance that I find very compelling. It’s dark and sad and wistful and triumphant all at the same time. Singer Ine Krsitine Hoem’s vocals are wonderful, kind of like a more forceful St. Vincent. Listen to this record. One of the most interesting new things I’ve heard in a while.

Learn more about PELbO at their website.

Casiokids’ “Det Haster!”

Here’s what I’ve learned from this video: Norwegians have complicated relationships with stuffed animals. Luckily, this document of their troubles with the cotton-filled kind is backed by a dreamy synthpop track which I think is great.