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Tag: New Year’s Eve

Happy 2010, Black Laserites.

It’s 2010 (say it with me, TWENTY-TEN) and nothing seems to have blown up yet so I feel like we’re probably set for our fair share of amazing discoveries, tragedies, delights, horrors, celebrity deaths, and whatever the hell else awaits us in this yet young year.

Juli and I spent our New Year’s Eve at home since she was ill enjoying Sci-Fi Channel’s Twilight Zone Marathon and District 9. Both were awesome. There was not a single woo on our New Year’s Eve, but that’s all right. Next year.

The next morning we broke our 2010 fast with cranberry orange muffins and coffee from my favorite coffee place on earth.

So, what does 2010 mean?

It means to me that the Year of 5000 Photos and 50 Short Stories is officially over and that the Year of 3 Music Videos and 12 Finished Short Stories has begun. Expect a wrap up post within a few days.

It also means that the Hunter application is due at the end of this month. Don’t think I’ve not been thinking about it.

But, most importantly, it means we’re officially less than a decade away from Blade Runner, which means flying cars, androids, giant corporate pyramids in downtown LA, and battles in space. I am totally ready for it. How about you?

A tad more New Year’s goodness

Auld Lang Syne on the theremin.

I hereby propose an addition to the popular lexicon— “thereminist face”. Everyone is (or should be) familiar with the concept of “drummer face”, that is, the often ridiculous face a drummer makes while playing the drums. Every drummer has a drummer face, and each face is unique. Thomas Grillo shows us that thereminists too have a face they make. Thomas’s is quite subdued, focused, serious. But with the way his eyes glaze over, it is clear that he is focused on the moment, hitting the fierce jams on his travel Theremin.

Happy New Year.

I hope all of you had a festive, safe New Year’s Eve celebration last night and that you aren’t feeling it too hard today. I spent it with Juli at a friend’s house and today I am enjoying the tail end of the Sci-Fi Channel New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone marathon. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Twilight Zone. It’s a tradition.

In case you missed the old post, today begins The Year of 5000 Photos and 50 Short Stories, so keep your eyes peeled for more solid content here in the coming year.

Good luck, and I hope your first coffee of 2009 was as nice as mine.

A posting of old photos

I’ve gone through some old photos in my archive and posted the selects from some of my better sets. Here’s a smattering of the best of the best. I was going to try and do something fancy here with the WordPress plug-ins and whatever, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to do what I think it should be doing. Nothing is perfect. Instead, here are some links.