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Tag: New Orleans

Nicky Da B’s “Hot Potato Style”

First bounce leaked onto the interwebs, and now the interwebs have leaked into bounce. I love the Herzog cameo.

Diplo’s “Express Yourself” (feat. Nicky Da B)

Uh, some nutso grimey sissy bounce from Diplo? Yes, please. Do yourself a favor and assess all the asses. You will be better off for it. Bonus points for the Black Metal Diplo shirt. My only real disappointment with this track/video is that there is no Big Freedia cameo. Maybe next time.

Katy Red’s “Where Da Melph At”

Katy Red, a peer of Big Freedia’s in New Orleans’ bounce scene, has released a video for “Where Da Melph At” and it’s filled to the brim with all the ass shaking wonderful nonsense that you’d expect from a Bounce video. I’d also like to get opinions on what exactly a “melph” is. What do you think?

Big Freedia’s “Y’All Get Back Now”

Oh hey, Free, it’s been a while (not really) since I’ve posted about you here. Luckily Charles just sent me the Stereogum premiere of your new video for “Y’All Get Back Now” so our little involuntary hiatus an come to an end.

The video features Big Freedia all over the place demanding people shake their asses. Luckily, she is wicked huge, like Gojira wicked huge, so people have to obey. It doesn’t hurt thats she is dropping super hot bounce beats across the nation for people to shake their respective asses to. I am not displeased with this and eagerly await the next video.

Thanks for the heads-up, Charles!

Big Freedia’s “Azz Everywhere”

I’m going to just straight up and warn you right now that there is nothing work safe about this video. If you’re worried about someone looking over your back when you’re read Street Carnage, this video is so far outside the realm of ok that you just need to watch it when you get home. Seriously.

Well, with that said, this is Big Freedia’s official video for “Azz Everywhere”. It was shot in a strip club in New Orleans. If you don’t know anything about this, feel free to read up on Sissy Bounce in an earlier post. If you do know, and you should know, then you’re probably excited about watching this video. As you should be. It’s awesome.


Thanks, Charles!

Sissy Bounce?! YES, PLEASE.

On Sunday, I attended the (probably) last ever Williamsburg Pool Party. They’re called that because they were originally put on in McCarren Pool, but when the city decided to renovate the pool the organizers moved the parties to the East River Park. Did I write about this when I posted about Chromeo? Whatever. Anyway, the shows are awesome and free and yet another awesome thing about living in New York City. The crowds are wild, the women are stunning, and there’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Unlike the pouring rain of the Chromeo party, this Sunday was a hot sticky mess. Standing in line in the direct sun wearing a black t-shirt, it wasn’t but a few minutes until I started sweating my ass off. This particular party was something of a gamble, too. They’d only announced two performers for the show: DeLorean and Dominique Young Unique with “Special guests”. Rumors ran wild, no doubt partially thanks to me standing in line for Chromeo and this one saying things like, “I hear the special guest is The Flaming Lips.”

“I hear the special guest is Daft Punk.”

“I hear the special guest is The Rolling Stones.”

“I hear the special guest is The Grateful Dead with Jerry resurrected.”

It became a damned fun game and then extra fun when my own rumors would come back to me. Awesome.

Even waiting in line no one has ANY idea who was going to be playing as the special guests. Charles had heard Gucci Mane, but that was just speculation. After a quick, forgettable set by Dominique Young Unique and a very poor set by DeLorean (learn to sing, guy), we still had no idea who was going to be playing next.

Luckily, the special guests were, to put it too mildly, fucking AWESOME. DMC (of Run DMC) with Andrew WK, Gucci Mane, Doug E Fresh, and Big Freedia. Just stupidly great.

But for me the real standout of the surprise guests was Big Freedia. From where I was standing on the beer side, I couldn’t tell if she was a dude or a chick, until I heard her speak and I knew she was a dude. I have never in my life seen so much ass shaking. It was mesmerizing. She had a line of women on the stage bent over, asses in the air, shaking their shit for all of Brooklyn like professionals. Amazing. The music too was unlike anything I’d heard before. The most similar thing I could reference was Detroit Booty House, but it definitely had a different edge to it. Jesse told me that it was something called Sissy Bounce that came from New Orleans.

And right there I knew I’d found the new hot shit, thought it’s nothing new for New Orleans. Big Freedia has been pumping out Bounce jams for a decade, but it’s new to me and that’s all that matters. You guys know that I’m the main character, right?

I could blather on and on all about it, but check out the videos below for words straight from the First Lady of Bounce’s mouth.

When you’re done with those, enjoy some tunes. If this shit doesn’t make you want to F&F, you need to check your pulse.

Not enough yet? How about some articles and websites?

NY Times – New Orleans’ Gender-bending Rap

Big Freedia’s homepage

NOLA Bounce

And now all you have to do is enjoy these magical fruits and shake that fucking ass.

“I’m full of that gin, and I’ma do that boy in!
He’s full of that jack, someone should hit me from the back!”


A posting of old photos

I’ve gone through some old photos in my archive and posted the selects from some of my better sets. Here’s a smattering of the best of the best. I was going to try and do something fancy here with the WordPress plug-ins and whatever, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to do what I think it should be doing. Nothing is perfect. Instead, here are some links.