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Tag: Nerds


Of COURSE these guys are Manowar fans. Of course.

Your mother is of such extreme proportions that…

A few days ago a user on Reddit started a thread for nerdy “Yo’ Mama” jokes, and it’s delightful.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Your momma’s so fat that you can see whats behind her due to gravitational lensing.

The woman who carried you in her womb for your gestation period and later expelled you from her vagina has such an excess of adipose tissue that one could reap cardiovascular benefits simply from taking a brisk walk around her person.

#you parent.female {width:120%; border-bottom:thick; padding:0 auto; max-width:auto; size:landscape;}

Your mother is so fat that the assertion “she sits around the house” may be interpreted literally rather than figuratively.

There’s also a good deal of laughing to be done on the comments all the other nerds leave about the jokes. It’s like 12 levels of nerdiness deep and I love it.

Here’s the original thread.

Of course, you can’t drop Yo Mama jokes without reminding me of this gem by the Pharcyde.