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I ask you one question about this: Why?

The other morning, I was lying awake in bed with Sarah and this song popped into my head.

Why? Where did it come from?

I mean, I know, but why at that moment at like 6:30 in the morning, all half-asleep and warm and comfortable, did Deicide’s 22 year old song about the film Evil Dead pop into my head?

I just don’t know. I’ll never know. But, listen to it and feel free to add it to your own repertoire of self-song-raping songs. You’ll be glad you did.

Ihsahn’s Eremita full stream

Click the image for the stream.

So, does Ihsahn’s newest proggy, post-black-metal release sound anything at all like Metallica or Daughtry? Of course the fuck not.

Is it way more awesome than that specious comparison would suggest? Absolutely.

Should you be listening to it right now? Yes. Yes, you should.

Ihsahn (ex-Emperor) is getting spacier and spacier with each release, and I couldn’t be happier with the progression. The man who singlehandedly convinced me that brass instruments could be used effectively in metal (sorry, Gwar), a thing I considered impossible, seems to be able to do now wrong. Eremita is markedly less heavy that 2010’s After, but there’s no doubt this is a metal record. It is one of my most anticipated releases for this year next to Gojira’s forthcoming album.

Stand out tracks for me so far are “The Paranoid” (with Devin Tonswend!) and “The Eagle and The Snake,” the latter of which is particularly huge. Check the sax in that one.

I’ve also found that the whole thing is on Spotify, so if that’s your jam, check it out there.

Akwarian Sea Rebel’s “Urban Tropical Rebel Pop”

I have this friend Mandy and I think she’s pretty fucking cool. But what’s more is that she’s also this super rad musician who has just put out a new album of some soulful, dub-inspired, low tempo, electro hip hop and it’s awesome. Like really awesome. But don’t take my word for it… I mean, do take my word, but also listen to the album embedded above and go see an ASR show if you live in Brooklyn.

The Atlas Moth’s “An Ache for the Distance”

I recently ordered this as an LP after listening to their first album A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky on Spotify. A lot. I fell completely in love with their sludgey/proggy sound. The album’s a downtempo wall of sound piercing your skull and sending you into the corner to hide. Fear The Atlas Moth. Worship The Atlas Moth.

It’s funny, as I get older I find myself drawn toward this sort of raw, less-produced, noisey, sludgy, loud sort of metal. There was a point when I was really into that super clean Killswitch Engage/Unearth/Darkest Hour sort of sound, but when I listen to the output of those bands these days, it just feels too sterile, a little boring, wildly over-produced. I still love their older records out of some sort of nostalgia, but I can’t help but be turned off by the cleanliness of their recent records.

In fact, the vinyl I’ve been buying is split effectively into two groups: black/sludge metal and indie music. You’ve got Barghest and The Magnetic Fields, Dark Castle and Bonnie Prince Billy, Coffinworm and Andrew Bird. And now we’ve got this new Atlas Moth record on the way and I am super super psyched about adding it to the collection. Maybe, The Atlas Moth and Neutral Milk Hotel?

Anyway, give the album a listen up there if that’s your jam. I am listening to it right now and it’s making these 20+ hours of Under Armor dailies all that much more palatable. I was going to tell you to head on over to Profound Lore and get a copy of the vinyl, but it looks like they’re sold out. Oops! HAHAHA! Suckas!

Fuck the Facts Die Miserable stream


Fuck the Facts Die Miserable stream.

Holy shit, I am so excited about this album. I preordered the LP yesterday before even listening to the stream. Let me tell you, I was right to do it. This album is amazing. Ridiculously amazing. I regret having missed them play the last time they were here in NYC.

God damn, Mel Mongeon’s vocals on this shit are so brutal. She out-metals nearly every male vocalist I can think of except for maybe Erik Rutan. MAYBE.

If you’re a fan of grind and you’ve never heard Fuck The Facts, prepare to have your face blown off, your wallet lightened, and all your stress blasted out of you by Montréal’s finest.

Spank Rock’s “Nasty”

02 Nasty by The FADER

Charles sent this to me yesterday, but I only just listened to it a moment ago. Damn is this track fucking hot. It’s awesome while Spank Rock is doing his business, but the super secret guest who drops at 1:45 is amazing. It’s all hinted at throughout the track with the slowed down triggerman beat and any regular reader of this site will recognize the voice. Of course, you could be sneaky and read the tags to see who it is, but listen to the track and tell me you don’t move a little bit.

Booty booty booty booty rockin’ e’rywhere.

A side note, it makes me laugh to post this directly after posting Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Summer 2010 Ice Cream mix

After he read my previous post on the subject of ice cream, the inimitable Charles Vestal sent me a mix he made last summer that is entirely ice cream themed.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 – new young pony club – Ice Cream
02 – jonathan richman – Ice Cream Man
03 – johnny osbourne – ice cream love
04 – quix o tic – IceCreamSundae
05 – channel_3000_-_holiday_and_ice_cream
06 – tilly and the wall – Poor Man’s Ice Cream
07 – aitanna77_-_licking_ice_cream_cones
08 – Ariane – Ice Cream
09 – SoftTigers-MrIceCream_MiamiHorrorRemix
10 – the time – Ice Cream Castles
11 – cibo matto – White Pepper Ice Cream
12 – sarah maclachlan – Ice Cream
13 – dan deacon Biggle Hat was Ice-Cream Time(Card Shark Nose Nose)
14 – Nivea – Taste My Ice Cream
15 – the jolenes – ice cream
16 – pissed jeans-ive-still-got-you-ice-cream
17 – le_remede-ice_cream_ft._keny_arkana
18 – muscles – Ice Cream

Pretty fun mix overall. I mean, I have no love for Sarah MacLachlan, but whatever. Ice cream songs all around!

Summer 2010 Ice Cream Mix ~102mb