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Tag: Lady Gaga

Sarah Dances – “Monster” (feat. SJ and Corinney-binny), also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SJ & THE BLACK LASER!!!

Today is SJ’s fifth birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SJ!! Which means it is ALSO The Black Laser’s 5th Birthday!!! Happy birthday, The Black Laser!!!!!

What better way to celebrate than with yet another Sarah Dances, this time featuring the birthday girl and he sister? You’re right. There is no better way. We shot this bad boy WAY back in May, but for this reason and that, I didn’t get around to finishing it until September. Oops! But, the delay makes it a perfect way to celebrate this momentous occasion.



I just received this in the e-mail.

And I think it’s worth sharing.

Sienna listening to Monster by Last Gaga: the big bad wolf got her heart out of her throat. And he ate it. And he is a monster, and there is another monster who ate her heart. And they shared. Because they’re nice. And they both like eating hearts. Yeah.

Adorable. She’s my favorite person.

Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi (Metal Version)”

Another gem shared by my brother Charlie. This is basically what would happen if Adam MacLean and I had a baby together.

I especially love the break down at 2:50.

Brett Domino’s “Bad Romance”

This is the best cover I’ve heard in ages. LOVE the “ugly”. Enjoy Brett Domino covering Gaga’s “Bad Romance” entirely on the Korg Monotron and Kaossilator.

Lady Gaga’s “Monster” Unofficial Video

This might be the second gayest thing I’ve ever posted on The Black Laser. It’s an unofficial video made for for Lady Gaga’s “Monster.” I’m sharing it with all of you because it features my fierce ass friend Adam. He’s the one with the scarf wrapped around his head.

He sent the link to me in a message on Facebook with the subject line “gay people aren’t supposed to dance…” which is based off some comments I left on Youtube for his last video. I left some friendly, tongue-on-cheek trolling comments for my friend and they were met with utterly up in arms defense by a bunch of people we don’t know. Hilarious.

Here’s the comments. Note, I’m AboutTimeTravel.

Pretty freaking hilarious, if you ask me.