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Tag: Jess Cole

Phinizy & Phebe, the best fucking goat ice cream I’ve ever fucking tasted in my fucking life.

Yesterday, Sunday, my friend Jess and I went down to Park Slope to the Lyceum Arts & Crafts fair because my other friend Jess, a former Whole Foods conspirator and designer extraordinaire, and her ladyfriend Crista have started a handmade boutique ice cream company right here in our fair Brooklyn. And though I was hungover and crunchy from a couple of heavy nights on the town and really in absolutely no shape to be out of the house much less eating ice cream, I must say that their creations are amazing. They did a little sampling for us of six flavors: Ginger cookie, Goat cheese caramel, Coconut Key Lime, Banana Pudding, a fifth one, and the last one. You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering all the flavors. There was one of them that had chocolate and the other that for the life of me I cannot recall. It’s not that they were bad—they weren’t—it’s that I was officially fucking r-tarded that morning. Well, afternoon.


Luckily for you folks, I remember the one that I thought was the most interesting: the goat cheese caramel ice cream. It features goat from two directions, the more obvious goat cheese in the ice cream but also goat’s milk caramel. Up front you got the sweetness of cream and caramel, but at the backend was that tart goatyness that I like so much about goat cheese. It was weird, it was refreshing, but most importantly it was different. I don’t know of anyone else who makes goat cheese ice cream, so I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s unique too. And to think, my mind was blown the first time I ate spicy ice cream. God, how utterly pedestrian of me!

I’m not sure when they’ll be serving again, as their website is a little sparse right now. No doubt Jess is working on some magnificent thing that will blow all our minds once unveiled. Check them out here:

Until the site has more info, might I also suggest you become a fan of theirs on Facebook? Do it. And send them some money already.

This is my friend Jess. She is a dork.

Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers

No, sorry, I'm still not sure if these are the droids we're looking for.

The other day I suggested she submit the photos of her at Comic Con posing with a Stormtrooper to Hot Chicks With, one of the best Hot Chicks With Douchebags parody sites. She did, and, of course, they posted it to the site the other day. Enjoy.

Le Le’s “Ich Clack Dich”

I guess it’s a Le Le sort of day day. This one is new to me and I absolutely love it. It might new unsafe for working depending on where you work (i.e., a boring job), but it’s super great so make sure you have 4 minutes without coworkers looking over your shoulder. Those bastards.

Pretty inspirational. They clearly did this on nearly-zero dollars, but it still sings visually. Great track too. All around mega awesome.

Thanks yet again, Jess!

Le Le’s “Breakfast”

Ou et les hos?

Thanks, Jess!

30 Hornets Fuck Up 30,000 Bees – The Rainbow In The Dark Edition. ROUND 2, FIGHT!!!


Since Youtube is all, “Oh, you can’t use that because the copyright belongs to someone else, BOO!!!!” I’ve decided to self-host here. They can go to hell.

Jess, you’re still right. This still works magically.

30 Hornets Fuck Up 30,000 Bees – The Rainbow In The Dark Edition.

Jess, you were totally right. It’s a little bit like black magic how well they go together.

Edit\\ Youtube is being dumb. How about a direct download?

Edit 2\\ Youtube has denied me for the use of an amazing song. Look out for round 2.