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Tag: Insane

Will someone please remove my gallbladder.

Man, I was on my way over to here to post about how Jayherrod1 is SO last year and how slipoka is the new hot shit, but then I saw this video and realized that I am full of crap. Jayherrod1 will never, ever, in a million billion years (no hyperbole) be anything but the single most amazingly insane Youtube video contributor of all time forever and ever and ever.

REMOVE MY GALLBLADDER!? Oh my god. I fucking LOVE this guy. He’s so nuts.

A couple more gems below.

Mind that these were all posted within the last week. And do you want to see the absolute best one?

Earth to Selena Gomez! Earth to Selena Gomez!

Go to his Youtube page to watch his other 127 videos. 127 MORE videos. That’s right.

Disasteradio’s “Visions”

What is this insane genius?! Why am I just finding out about this now!?

I sent the Gravy Rainbow video to my brother Charlie and explained to him that I really like when people just make fun, silly music without any real plan to monetize it. They get to be as weird and silly as they like and not worry that it’s going to put people off. It’s like they’re all, “Hey, I made this really cool, silly record and you should listen to it and I am giving it away for free. FUNNNNN!!!!” And I’m all, “Yeah, man, that’s awesome. Here’s money.” Which is exactly what I did with Disasteradio. You can download both of his records for free from his bandcamp but I gave him 10 bucks. I think I enjoyed the Gravy Rainbow video at least 10 bucks worth, probably even more. Everyone should give this guy their money. Seriously. Do it now. The Black Laser commands it.

Luckily, the Draconians have failed thus far.

Well, November 8th came and went and not a sighting of aliens anywhere. Luckily for Colleen here, she’s got an explanation over a well-timed phone call.

Enjoy the madness.

“It’s why the Pope wears red shoes.”

This is so magically insane that I will withhold comment for a bit.

Mark Gormley’s “The Cries in Our Eyes”

Cries in our eyes, Mark? Really? Where are the Cheetos? I especially love the amazing key they pulled on the fake paparazzi.

Anyway, the Gormley rides on. You know you want more.

This is either genius or insane. I am not yet sure which.

If you get to the end, like I did, of the whole 8 minutes and wonder, “Why did I just watch this?” then you get a cookie. I hope that we soon find out that this is the most brilliant piece of trolling since Basil Marceaux. I mean, the hair cut? Alternatively, I’d like to find out that this guy is just the product of too many dark Finnish winters. Either way I’d be happy.

R. Kelly’s “Real Talk”

Ok ok ok, what I really want to talk about is the pure and utter insanity of R. Kelly’s R&B opera masterpiece, but that is a very involved posting, so I’m going to start with this gem.

In this track, “Real Talk,” Kelly is role-playing through a scenario in which his lady friend of 5 years suspects him of going out to a club with, in his words, “some other bitches.” I think his goal with this song is to show that everyone has the same sorts of problems with their women, e.g., the woman desiring to burn his clothes, listening to their “nappy-ass bitch” friends, and not being fully appreciative of the money given to them for the purpose of clothes and manicures. Kelly is exposing his humanity here. He’s not just a gold-showers-preferring pedophile who narrowly avoided jail time due to a poorly made copy of a sex tape, he’s also a man with real world problems who engages in the same sort of “real talk” we all do.

Highlights of Kelly’s “real talk” include:

  • “What they eat don’t make us shit! Real talk!”
  • “Bitch, I wish you would burn my motherfucking clothes!”
  • “Well tell me this: how the fuck she know I was with them other girls?”
  • “I don’t know why you fuck with them jealous, no-man-havin’ ass hoes anyway. Real talk.”

Really, I could write every word R. Kelly sings in this song, but you’re better off just enjoying it—and being enlightened by it—for yourself.