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Tag: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Watch out for Michael Myers.

Happy Halloween!!

I am the worst person at Halloween. If Halloween were winning the World Series, I’d be The Cubs. I’m that bad. It’s not that I hate the holiday, but that I just can never get it together in time to actually get a costume and then figure out something to do. It’s always either last minute or not at all. And then there are the years I get stuck at work. There are worse things I suppose.

Instead of showing you my costume, I’ll wish you a happy Halloween with a couple of cute little nuggets you’re sure to recognize.

Happy Halloween, Black Laserites!

Happy Halloween!!!

This year I’m going as a modest nurse.* What are you going to dress up as?

I can’t see this movie and not think of my brother. It’s so great.

But be careful. Halloween is a time of DEMONS.

[flv width=”560″ height=”447″][/flv]

But don’t be too afraid. Well, but VERY afraid, but only of people who want to steer you from Christ’s light, because, you know, they’re probably in league with the Gay Agenda or Terrorists. Or both.

*Not really. Sorry about lying.

Halloween is coming….

…and if I don’t see Sexy Abraham Lincoln as the number one costume this year BLOOD WILL RUN IN THE STREETS.

Thanks, Bettina!