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Tag: Gojira

Gojira’s “L’Enfant Sauvage”

Holy shit am I excited for this album to come out. Any lover of heavy music should be a fan of Gojira. These guys are making consistently interesting records and I am sure their forthcoming release will be no different. This first single/video release certainly indicates so.

Gojira’s “Vacuity”

From 2008’s The Way of All Flesh. This rules.

Gojira’s “All The Tears”

What is it that the French put in the water that they are collectively able to produce artists with such fine tuned aesthetic senses? Creative pills? Iodine? Calcium? Whatever it is, it has succeeded yet again with this killer video for “All The Tears” from Gojira’s most recent record, The Way of All Flesh.

Check it out.


5* Videos not on the MTV Viewer’s Top 10 that should have been.

In no particular order.

Gojira “Vacuity”

Intronaut “Australopithecus”

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