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Tag: Goats

Miracles Club’s “Church Song”

The outfits!

The dancing!

The goats!

The song!


Who knew I could find two amazing videos in one afternoon?!?

The Greatest Speech of All Time

Within this speech, we have been given the clues on how to successfully achieve your dreams, your goals. They are:

  1. You must have the Lord.
  2. You must have a truck.
  3. You must have a woman of equal worth to yourself.
  4. You get monkeys.
  5. You get dogs.
  6. You breed those monkeys and dogs and get dog monkeys.
  7. You get goats to jump on the top of the truck to the Superman theme.
  8. You make rodeo appearances.
  9. You give speeches where you make a lot of words, but say nothing.

Dreams achieved! To quote Nina, “It’s that easy!”

No go out there, all you 1962-born little boys who had the dream, the goal, of owning a monkey and make your dreams happen!