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Filmcore NY, RIP.

Today is my last day at work. Well, tomorrow I have to come in and do my exit interview, but that doesn’t really count. Today is really the last day. I started here in 2005 after a month of unemployment. I had quit my job at Whole Foods Union Square and spent a month doing a bunch of random shit when I fell into this job. It’s been a good place to grow and learn. I’ve definitely made good progress here.

And now it’s over.

You know what? Fuck it.

I’m going to go freelance as an assistant (resume available upon request) and I think that, ultimately, it will be better for me, just like last time when I quit Whole Foods because it was a dead-end shit hole. At least, if I keep telling myself that I feel better.

An era ends today, and another begins. Rock and roll. Goodbye, Filmcore.