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Tag: Film & TV

Yogi Bear, the alternate ending.

This magnificent alternate ending to the forthcoming Yogi Bear film references the ending of one of my favorite films of the last 10 years. See if you can figure out what it is!

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

This might be the best, most adorable thing I’ve seen in a million years. Honestly, every single line is a gem.

“One time I nibbled on a piece of cheese and my cholesterol went up to 900.”

“Guess what my skis are. Toenails from a man.”

“Guess what I do for adventure. I hang glide from a Dorito.”

“Guess what I use as a pen. I use a pen, but it take the whole family.”

And there are so many more priceless bits. Watch the whole thing. You won’t be mad.

Thanks, Melissa!

Röyksopp’s “Adventures in Barbieland”

This spectacularly weird 10 minute video featuring the members of Röyksopp as a sleeping bum and an old man living with a Barbie-obsessed man and his wife boils down to an excellently executed announcement for their new record Senior which comes out in September. Check it. This rules.

Markets of Britain, a short film by Lee Titt.

From Peter Serafinowicz, comes a short documentary by a fictional filmmaker. If you don’t laugh at this—especially when he’s naming the animals—you are dead. DEAD TO THE WORLD. LIGHTEN UP.

Ride, Rise, Roar trailer.

Every once in a while, it strikes me that I know a whole hell of a lot of stupidly talented, creative people. And, really, few things make me as happy as being able to share their work with you guys.

Even better, in light of my recent David Byrne post, my film-school friend Marshall, sent me the trailer for a new film on which is he was one of the two main photographers. The film’s called Ride, Rise, Roar and chronicles the creative process of Byrne and mixes it with live performance. But I’m fucking up the description. Let me just quote what they wrote on Vimeo.

RIDE, RISE, ROAR is a David Byrne concert film directed by David Hillman Curtis that blends riveting onstage performances with intimate details of the creative collaborations that make the music and show happen.

Shot with multiple cameras over several concerts during the 08/09 tour, the film blends the energy and charisma of classic Talking Heads with the heartfelt pathos of David Byrne and Brian Eno’s most recent collaboration.

Between the 14 live songs, the film achieves an unprecedented intimacy with David Byrne and the band, documenting behind-the-scenes auditions, rehearsals, and interviews with key players while revealing the creative process that led to the show’s unique fusion of pop music and modern dance.

RIDE, RISE, ROAR celebrates Byrne’s extensive career as a musician and testifies to the creativity that keeps him going today.

The trailer looks completely amazing. Do yourself a favor and click through to the Vimeo page here and watch it in HD fullscreen.

Great work, Marshall! I hope you keep on killing it.