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Tag: Evil

Deicide before they were Deicide on Florida public access in 1988

Holy shit.

Here’s some totally awesome classic footage of Deicide (then known as Amon) performing “Sacrificial Suicide” on super shitty Florida public access television. And check the killer David Vincent cameo. This is pure Death Metal history, kiddies, and you should pay attention.

For your reference, here’s the album version of the song they’re playing from Deicide’s 1990 self-titled debut.

[audio:|titles=Sacrificial Suicide|artists=Deicide]

Why the inclination to make everything I touch slightly evil?

This is not news, but a thought I had while waiting for Michael to show up. Any thoughts? A prime example is the last post. Within the very first paragraph I had blasphemed. Pretty awesome right? Here are some more examples.

This was the background to my Blackberry for a long time.

It’s Lucifer falling from Heaven.

Here’s the photo that greets you when you try and unlock my current phone.

Not evil, but pretty unsettling. And bad ass.

Here’s the background I had until I changed it yesterday.

Here’s what I changed it to.

Pretty awesome, huh? I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of other examples around here too. It’s funny, right? I don’t know why I am compelled to make everything I touch slightly more evil, but I am. There it is. Just a thought.

The Onion: “Dept. Of Evil: ‘All Of You Must Die'”

I feel like The Onion wrote this article just for me. I think this passage will illustrate what I’m mean.

Although the Department of Evil has not yet announced the exact timetable for the death of all, it recommends citizens make their peace with doomed relatives and spouses immediately, as the hour of their ending draws ever nigh and will be upon them as soon as the necessary funding has been authorized by the House Appropriations Committee.

“This budget approval is merely a pitiful, niggling formality, for soon we’ll be free to swarm across the land draining the life-pus out of all you quivering mortal worms,” Reynolds said. “Doubt us not: Come the wintertide, you all shall die, and die you will. Sorry, I meant ‘must.’ Die you must!”

Really though, you should just head on over to The Onion and read the damn article. Then come back and tell me what you think. It’s easily the funniest thing I’ve read on The Onion all day.