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Tag: Elevator Game

The Elevator Game 2 – A thought

Is it reasonable to play the Elevator Game on my way down in the elevator? It’s more difficult to predict because you can’t see who is getting on at the other floors. If I played going down and was coming from Sound Lounge, which is on the 12th and 13th floors of my building, I’d probably never win. Just a thought.

The Elevator Game

In the morning, I play a little game I call “The Elevator Game”. It’s pretty simple, but surprisingly fun. When I step into the elevator, I always wait to see if my floor, the sixth, will be the first stop. That’s it. The building I work in has 16 floors so you’d think that the spread would be offset toward me winning, but there is a hair salon on the 2nd floor and there is no stairwell access. I would say I win less than half the time in the morning, but when I come back from a session or where ever in the afternoon my winning percentage is much better.

Here is a photo I took that has absolutely nothing to do with this random thought.

Keep on truckin’, diaper guy!