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Skrillex’s “Bangarang”


I think Sonny-boy here has some people making fucking fantastic videos for him. Along with the video for “First Of The Year”, the director Tony T. is doing some wonderful work.

The video features a group of young boys holding up an ice cream truck and their eventual transformation into hardened thieves…with heart. AWwwwwwww so cute! Enjoy.

Skrillex’s “First of the Year (Equinox)”

Look, Mr. Rapist, we all know that you only wanted to ask her if the rag smelled like chloroform, but you picked the wrong psychic demon girl to try and force yourself upon. Now, you’ll never force yourself on anyone again.

Obviously inspired by Chris Cunningham’s “Come to Daddy” video, this video is one of the slickest pieces I’ve seen in a while (forgiving the dodgy demon CG at points). Certainly, when I think of Dubstep (Brostep, really), these sorts of visuals are what comes to mind: wet, cityscapes, green, darkness, grit. It’s a point I’ve discussed before.

I hope Skrillex gets the opportunity to make more videos like this. It is really, really cool.

8 Hours in Brooklyn

Holy shit. This is sick as hell, though I am not convinced the slip-n-slide on the concrete’s such a great idea.

More about the project.

All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used in part w/ a series of spots we are directing/producing which will be released sometime in the near future.

Check out our blog for more info:​blog/​2011/​8/​11/​8-hours-in-brooklyn-w-the-phantom-flex.html

Awesome track too. It’s Skream’s “Where You Should Be” from Outside the Box.

90s Telephone Manners for Kids

Here’s a quick list of things I learned from this video.

  • Nothing.

But that doesn’t mean you might not learn something!! Well, no, actually, it probably means exactly that. Hmm. Yeah, this thing is legitimately terrible.

Man, that 90s hip hop drum beat it so fucking dated and, frankly, offensive. Every time I hear it, I also hear some dude’s voice saying, “Fellows! Have you heard this urban music the kids are making in the cities?! Let’s tone it down and rip it off for EVERYTHING and it will be hip and neat!” It makes me wonder how the whomp whomp of dubstep is going to sound in 20 years. Oh, no. It doesn’t. It’s going to sound exactly like this.

You know, I think it sounds like I talk a lot of shit about dubstep here, which is weird because I actually like the stuff, but its oversaturation has become evident. Britney’s brostep passage in “Till The World Ends” is a perfect example of what I mean. It’s disappointing but obvious. The people who make that stuff are people in the know and want to incorporate what they like. It happens. I’ve said it before and it’s still true: pop music of now is the watered down, digestible version of good electronic music 10 years ago. Ever since Afrika Bambataa sampled Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europa Express” and “Numern” for his “Don’t Stop Planet Rock” effectively creating all of modern hip hop music, we’ve seen the same thing. Early 90s house and trance became late 90s/early 00s boy-band backing tracks. I even hear EBM/Industrial influences in Lady Gaga’s newest record. There’s no getting away from it.

Wait, what was I talking about at the beginning of this post?

Rusko & Reso’s “Lick The Lizard”

Everyone’s favorite British brostep producer Rusko is back with this collaboration with Reso from Rusko’s forthcoming single for “Everyday/Lick The Lizard”. The video is filled with enough lovely classic J-horror footage to brighten up even this fine, rainy, gray, horrible New York City day. Enjoy, humans.

Matta’s “Mass”

Yesterday I posted a music video by Matta and noted that I did not associate deer in the woods with dubstep, rather that I thought of urban darkened urban environs. This video represents my associations with dubstep much better. As a bonus, I like this track more than the deer one, so we get a video with less interesting (conceptually, at least) visuals that has a better track. Oh life will you ever stop taunting me?!

Matta’s “Release the Freq”

Dubstep is the electronic music equivalent of triangles in design: they’ve been around for a few years and were super cool when they first hit but have peaked and are on the decline. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still good examples of them to be found, of course. For example, this video for Matta’s “Release the Freq” has both triangles AND dubstep, a combination that creates some sort of urban hipster* synergy. I think I would have found it terribly boring if they hadn’t also gone and included a bunch of deer, something which I associate with neither dubstep nor the school of design that has embraced triangles so readily. When I listen to dubstep, I imagine dark cityscapes and rain-wet streets reflecting neon signs. I do not picture deer running through the woods cleaning themselves. Well done. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty decent dubstep track as dubstep tracks go. Wobble wobble and so on and so forth.

Finally, I give this video extra nerd points for using the tips of the deer’s antlers as tracking points. Hilarious.

The track comes from Matta’s 2010 record Prototype.

*I do not use this term in the pejorative.

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico’s “Donador de Organo” & Mexicans With Guns’ “Dame Lo” by System D-128

I found this video on the MadDecent blog today and, though it is amazing, I had this sneaking feeling that I’d seen parts of it before. Using my super interweb skillz (I went to the original Vimeo page), I found that it does indeed recycle footage from another short film I’d seen called “Dame Lo”.

I searched here to see if I’d posted it before, and I was surprised to discover that I had not. I have no idea why I hadn’t because it’s absolutely worth watching. To make up for my earlier mistake, I present both here to you now. Besides some not entirely great all the time acting, “Dame Lo” slays. Also, check the Spanish dubstep. I love it.

Mind that these are both music videos and while I usually post videos independently of each other, they’re both made by the same dude and share footage, so it made sense to post them together. I think that once you watch both, it will make sense to you too. Also, they’re potentially NSFW (as is almost everything else on this blog) so caveat emptor.