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Further thoughts on Ihsahn’s Eremita

I realize that I forgot to use the word “jazzy” yesterday when discussing the new Ihsahn record. How terrible of me! The record is definitely jazzy as fuck. It is the best proggy, jazzy, post black metal, Norwegian metal record I’ve heard in ages. In fact, it might be the best metal record I’ve heard since Protest The Hero’s 2011 release Scurrilous.

Unlike the Protest the Hero record, however, Eremita is not a record that will sway non-metal listeners. Indeed, this is a metal album for the truest of the true metal nerds. If you know the difference between Goregrind and Slam, this record might be for you. If you know the difference between Cascadian Black Metal and the New Wave of American Black Metal, this record is probably for you. If you have an intricate knowledge of what made Emperor stand out amongst Black Metal bands in the early 90s and why this is relevant at all, then this record is definitely for you. If you fall into that last camp, you’re already listening. Julian Knöx, I am looking at you.

I was also totally wrong yesterday when I described the record as less heavy than 2010’s After. Eremita is just as heavy, but perhaps more varied, more dynamic. Eremita is a metal adventure

If I was forced to sum it all up with a clip from the Simpsons, I would use this one.

Ihsahn’s Eremita full stream

Click the image for the stream.

So, does Ihsahn’s newest proggy, post-black-metal release sound anything at all like Metallica or Daughtry? Of course the fuck not.

Is it way more awesome than that specious comparison would suggest? Absolutely.

Should you be listening to it right now? Yes. Yes, you should.

Ihsahn (ex-Emperor) is getting spacier and spacier with each release, and I couldn’t be happier with the progression. The man who singlehandedly convinced me that brass instruments could be used effectively in metal (sorry, Gwar), a thing I considered impossible, seems to be able to do now wrong. Eremita is markedly less heavy that 2010’s After, but there’s no doubt this is a metal record. It is one of my most anticipated releases for this year next to Gojira’s forthcoming album.

Stand out tracks for me so far are “The Paranoid” (with Devin Tonswend!) and “The Eagle and The Snake,” the latter of which is particularly huge. Check the sax in that one.

I’ve also found that the whole thing is on Spotify, so if that’s your jam, check it out there.

Emperor’s “Empty”

To celebrate The Black Laser’s new, 150% more Black Metal logo, here is a music video by my favorite traditional Black Metal band, Emperor.

To me, the preeminent band to arise from the Black Metal scene in Norway in the early 90s, Emperor was the band that added Black Metal to my metal lexicon. Where other bands were too ridiculous in their corpsepaint and theatrics to be taken seriously, Emperor always felt deadly earnest. They maintained a raw energy and low-fi aesthetic that is integral to Black Metal, but they also didn’t shy away from a little bit of production to help their records shine. It was as if they understood (correctly) that they didn’t need to sound like a murky, 12th generation tape demo to be fucking brutal. For all the silliness of Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, or Immortal, Emperor drove Black Metal throw the snow with the fires of hell fueling their rampage. You couldn’t help but take Emperor seriously.

And though there have been other Black Metal bands and Blackened-Whatever bands since Emperor—even Ihsahn’s solo work would fall into this arena—that have written better songs and put out better records, Emperor still stands as the perfect example of what Black Metal should and could be when respected enough to throw away the stupid trappings of the scene.

Enjoy and respect the Darkness.

Gaahl’s true inspiration

My buddy Paul and I just found this alternate take from the interview below where Gaahl reveals his true inspiration.

My favorite thing anyone has ever said about anything ever.

That is all.

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Episode 1: Pad Thai

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I would really like to make some delicious vegan pad thai and have the directions screamed at me to Black Metal music”? Of course you have. And now your dreams have come true! No longer will you have to play the same tired Burzum record over and over as your prepare your seitan faux-chicken nuggets as the snow falls on the trees in the woods surrounding your isolated shed and wolves cry out the song of the old Norse gods. Vegan Black Metal Chef is here to kvlture your ass on how to construct totally br00tal, meatless pad thai.

But if you wanted to really be Black Metal, you’d make the vegan pad thai and then put meat in it. And then burn down a church.

Black Metal Parenting 2: Winter’s Shroud

Remember when I said that this is exactly the type of parent I am going to be and you all feared for my progeny? Well, let this next installment of Hessian Hobbies reinforce that sense of dread for my future children. Blood filled clay people balloons? Genius.

Det Satan Club

This makes me laugh a lot. Oh, you Christians and your love of strife. Don’t you know that Satan just wants everyone to get along and for Jesus to be comfortable and relaxed?