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Tag: Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Nam Nam’s “Goin’ In”

Birdy Nam Nam is back with another ridiculously awesome music video. Shit, I don’t even have anything smart to say about it. You should watch the video, enjoy it, and embrace the lyric “I’m going wild for the night, fuck being polite” as your new mantra.

I have.

Birdy Nam Nam’s “The Parachute Ending”

With shades of The Fantastic Planet, Heavy Metal, and Ralph Bakshi films, yet combining a modern electro aesthetic, Birdy Nam Nam’s video for “The Parachute Ending” is everything you could hope for in a video. Rainbow eyed robot in a pimp suit? Check. Vaguely sexual tentacle imagery? Check. Well synchronized meteor statues falling from space? Check. Gorgeous pastel palette? Check. Anthropomorphic skull buildings? Psychedelic teleportation processes? Mammoth space robot guys shooting cubes from their chests? Check, check, and check.

I don’t know who Birdy Nam Nam are, but my suspicion is that they are French (a quick Google reveals that I was right). They’ve got a clearly-inspired-by-Daft-Punk thing happening in their music which, while not the most original thing in the world, is totally solid.

All in all, it’s a killer video.