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Tag: Animation

The Japanese Popstars’ “Let Go”

Another sick house track, another sick as fuck animated video. Following in the footsteps of LeLe and Birdy Nam Nam and a bunch I’m probably forgetting about right now, The Japanese Popstars have unleashed this hallucinogen-fueled, vagina-obsessed video for their track “Let Go”. I heard this song for the first time at a telecine for an NHL job I’m working on right now and I immediately needed to know who it was. My google-fu (“ japanese popstars let go”) found the video immediately. And I am certainly glad I did. It’s awesome.

Watch it. I don’t have anything all that smart to add right now.

The mad animal animations of Cyriak

BoingBoing posted “Welcome to Kitty City” today and it’s the weirdest, most delightful thing I’ve seen in ages. That brought me to Cyriak’s Youtube page and from there I dove head first into his many insane geometric animal animations. And they are marvelous. Watch them all and then watch them again. So magnificently weird and devious and great. Really really great.

Amon Tobin’s “Calculate”

This is a pretty nice little video for “Calculate” from this year’s ISAM. Though it seems simple, it’s definitely not. Imagining the number of keyframes in this thing’s timeline makes me tired. And uncomfortable.

But I like it.

Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal”

This is this official video clip for Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal” off 2009’s Noble Beast. It’s a neat little blacklight-toned stop motion animation affair. I thought I would post it in light of yesterday’s TED talk.

Nobody Beats the Drum’s “Grindin'”

This is god damned amazing. I don’t even want to think about how much work this took the director/animator Rogier van der Zwaag to do. Apparently it took 3 months and 4085 photos. Really, really impressive.

Check out the mockumentary style making of video after the jump.
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