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Tag: 1980s

Wendy’s Training Videos 2: Grill Skills

Where can I get a spatula microphone? Here, maybe?

The Karate Rap

Yup. The Karate Rap. I actually don’t want to say anything else about this. I think you need to watch it and digest it emotionally for yourself. It is a journey I can only lead you to the beginning of. I cannot walk down that path with you. Every one must walk it alone.

Future World Orchestra’s “Desire”

Wow. Just wow. Two dudes, two synthesizers, a drum machine, and a pair of the most boss mustaches I’ve seen in a long time. This thing is amazing. I especially like that there is almost no effort made to hide the fact that they are lip singing along to a track.

I love shit like this.

Stevie B’s “Spring Love”

Oh yes. Everything about this is so tragically boring that I can’t help but love it a little bit. The racing stripes in his hair. The unbelievably shitty video production. The terrible song. His beach short shorts. Everything. All of it. Everything forever and ever and ever.

Terrible. Magnificent. I don’t even really know how to feel. I am not sure if I appreciate this for its sublime tackiness or for its dreadful earnestness. I am not even sure that I don’t completely hate it. What are all these feelings inside of me for Stevie B?! Do I empathize with his plight in this song or do I find him to be a simpering melodramatic buffoon? Oh, Stevie B, what horrible terrors you have wrought upon my fragile brain! I pray for clarity!

He reminds me a little of this guy except that I know how I feel about Farley. Spoiler alert: I love him.

Disco Fantasy – Roller Boogie



I have only one word for this: LOVE.

Thanks, JJ!