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Creative Projects-January : When You Were Away

It’s February 2nd here in grand old Brooklyn which means that January has come and gone and I am responsible for a creative project. Well, I’m on it, as opposed to previous years, and have already met with my quota for the month. Good thing too, because it’s over.

So what did I do? I was in a short film for a friend. Fun! I don’t have any photos yet, but here’s something you might have seen on Facebook.

It’s not real. Well, I mean, it is real, but not really real. It’s real make-believe.

You’ll say, “Joe, you’re no actor!” (unless you’re Amy and Angela), to which I will reply, “You are correct, dear sir! Indeed I am no actor!” How did I get involved in this little project then? And, more importantly, what did it entail? Let’s jump in my DeLorean and rewind a bit, friends! 88MPH……

Last October I received an e-mail from my friend Teddy asking if I acted. He told me that he had written a script that he thought I’d be perfect for since it was inspired by a night of dancing at Public Assembly where I got up on the empty stage all by my lonesome and tore the dance floor up. Eventually, the whole stage was filled and I had strange women dancing through my legs and when everyone needed a breaky poo, I politely told them I was good and kept going. Typical night out for me.

I replied, as above, that I don’t really act, but I’d be willing to read what he’d written and let him know what I thought. He sent the script and I read it and wrote back immediately that I would be glad to act in his film. I’m not going to talk too much about the content of the film. Those of you who know me in meatspace have heard a little bit about the project, but it will stay there for now. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for when it gets posted here.

We had our first reading in December, but didn’t start rehearsals until after the new year began. Between the numerous rehearsals, learning a few semi-choreographed dance routines, and three days of shooting, I figured that this was fair game for my first of 12 projects for this year’s theme. I’m sure you’ll all agree too. And, well, if you don’t, you can go to hell.

As far as slowing my roll goes, last month was terrible. Of the 31 days in January, I think I went out like 600 of them. Here’s to focus in February!

So what does February hold?!?! Well, for one, I am definitely going to get up because I feel like not having it up is holding me back professionally, even if it probably isn’t. It’s stressing me out, ok? Deal. Second, Charles and I were talking the other night about writing an EP this month and actually putting in some effort. I think that he and I have good musical chemistry and it would be fun as hell to make some dance music. Third, I want to start planning Mandy’s music video, which probably won’t happen until March, but I want to get it going and get Rodney and Arian on board. Fourth, a couple of other fellow and I were talking about a silly little film that we wanted to do a few years ago on the set of the Firelances of the Ancient Hyper Zephyrians video. If we can get that going, it would be awesome too. Maybe I’ll slip in some writing too. It’s been a YEAR since I’ve written anything. Terrible.

Lots to do this month and lots to come. Keep your eyes on The Black Laser. My ascendancy is nigh.

Rodney White – Name It & Claim It

Remember the “A Peek Behind the Curtain – The Making Of…” video I posted back in August? Of course you do! You’re my biggest fan! In that post I referenced another video I had cut for Rodney that I could not yet share. Well, the video went live this week and here it is!

I think the video came out super fucking cool. Maybe a hair long, but it might just be that I’ve seen it a million times. It was shot by Arian, the same dude with whom I did the Atmospheres videos.

Rodney had me put this together for a contest he’s running in association with Here’s what he wrote about the contest.

Submit a title for this painting HERE
Be sure to include “Name Game” in the Subject line and
your suggested title in the Comments box.

If I choose your name is chosen, the original painting is yours to keep. Good luck!
– R39W
Submissions will be accepted until January 15th and the winner will be announced on January 31st.

There it is. Name the painting and it’s yours. I’m thinking “Cerebral Manscapes of the Final Dimension.” Pretty snappy, right? Don’t use it. It’s mine.

Go over to the Name It & Claim It page for more details.

A Peek Behind the Curtain – The Making Of…

In April or May, my friend Rodney contacted me about cutting together a video his friend Arian had shot.

This is not that video. Unfortunately for you all, that piece is still in wraps since he hasn’t launched the event associated with it yet.

Luckily for you all, Rodney did later ask me to cut together this simple little behind the scene film of him painting in the time lapse footage which can be seen on his site. It features music created specifically for Rodney’s site by his friend Asen James. The piece was shot by Arian. The time lapse was directed by Kareem Black.

[flv width=”560″ height=”447″][/flv]

It’s not too complex, but it’s punchy and effective and nice and short. I think it does a good job at getting the idea across without ever becoming boring. It was a fun little piece to work on and I look forward to more collaborations with Rodney. This sort of thing is a lot of fun for me. He gets something and I get something. Good times for all.


In honor of the unprecedented number of hits I received yesterday (208!), I am going to do something I’ve yet to do on The Black Laser and share some of the video work I’ve been doing.

Earlier this summer, friend Arian came to me with this idea that he wanted to put together an installation piece of ink dropping into tanks of water, but slowed down significantly and placed against ambient music. He was putting together a few demos so that he could try and wrangle some money from some folks who had money, i.e., not us, so he could rent a camera that shoots at insanely high speeds. He asked me if I could work my magic on some files he shot using his 5D Mk II. I told him that I would be glad to. It’s always fun to help a friend create things, and it is a working relationship I’d like to cultivate which is important. You never know what projects lie in the future. I think it is always best to say yes unless you cannot possibly do what they’re asking.

Anyway, these are the resulting videos posted on Vimeo. They look pretty neat in the tiny window, but I suggest clicking through and watching them in HD fullscreen at Vimeo. They look pretty awesome. I hope me manages to get some cash so we can do these right and then project them on walls. That is going to rule.

I think at first viewing they appear pretty simple, and they are, but there are also a lot of speed changes, subtle and not, going on. Enjoy. More work from me when I get home tonight.

Check out more of Arian’s work at his site.