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Happy Merry from the Four of Us

Another year has come and another year has mostly gone. That means holidays, and holidays mean holiday cards. Consider this my holiday greetings if you celebrate or don’t or whatever.

Check our this year’s holiday card. I think we’ve outdone ourselves this year. It started out as a Halloween card idea, but with a couple of minor tweaks it became a Christmas card. Sweet.


And, yes, Penny was not at all happy about being held upside-down for the photo. Fortunately, she is resilient and two blue M&Ms turned her mood right around.


  1. Carolina Garofani Carolina Garofani December 25, 2022

    My card hasn’t arrived yet but it’s SO DERANGED. I love it. Happy merry, guys <3

    • Joe Dillingham Joe Dillingham Post author | December 25, 2022

      To be fair, I was a little late getting them out this year. It’s on its way!

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