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Never say no to Panda.

As an advertising professional, if I had cut these spots they would be the entirety of my reel. I absolutely love the panda’s contempt for everyone. My friend Sean posted this on my Facebook page today and I needed to share it with everyone else. When first watching, I thought the panda was going to appeal to their kindness with his sad face and cuddly cheeks, but then he starts fucking up their SE30s (running DOS for some reason) and everything gets a lot better. He pulls the guy’s fucking IV drip off in the next one, for Christ’s sake.

Amazing! I love it! GET PISSED, PANDA!

I salute you, Middle Eastern cheese company, for making downright wonderful ads for your cheese and for not being afraid to take it there. Everyone else trying to make things “viral”, take a cue from these guys.


  1. jess jess April 26, 2012

    freaking hilarious. ADORE it.

    • Joe The Wizard Joe The Wizard April 26, 2012

      I agree. Jessica, I am also very excited about my SF ebooks. VERY. EXCITED. You will be Black Lasered when it’s all up and running.

    • Joe The Wizard Joe The Wizard May 19, 2012

      I wonder about the direction of the theft. The panda ads are significantly better than the Bruins ads. I mean, they are in entirely different leagues. The Bruins ads look like local market cheap shit, while the panda ads look like a national campaign. In fact, the campaign won a silver lion at Cannes.

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