Well, Sleigh Bells are back. I guess I’m excited. I guess everyone is excited? Kind of? Actually, you know what? I am not that excited. Sure, the first record was neat and sounded like nothing else at the time when it dropped, but it didn’t really have legs. I never think, “Man, you know what I haven’t listened to in ages but totally should? Sleigh Bells.”

I will readily admit that I was genuinely interested when the trailer showed up for their next record.

Pretty cool, right? It teased with this idea that they were coming back with a harder edged sound, but this first single and video are a huge let down. More of the same, maybe even less edgy than the first record. Boring as fuck. Perhaps when we get the rest of the album, I’ll have to change my tune, but I suspect that is not going to be the case. Too bad.